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Arkady Shilkloper
(French horn, flugelhorn, alphorn, didgeridoo, Wagner tuba etc.)


CLICK to get 300 dpi hi-res photoBorn in Moscow, Russia, October 17, 1956.
At the age of six started to play alto horn in a brass orchestra at the Kuntsevo District Young Pioneers House in Moscow.
1967 to 1974: cadet at the Moscow Military Music School.
1974 to 1976: mandatory military service - private in the military orchestra at the Lenin Military Political Academy, Soviet Armed Forces.
1976 to 1981: studied French horn at the Gnessins State Music Education Institute (now Gnessins Russian Academy of Music.)
1978 to 1985: member of the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra.
1985 to 1989: member of the Moscow State Philharmonic Symphony.
1976 to 1978: along with his studies at the Gnesssins, takes courses in jazz improvisation at the Moscow Experimental Studio of Music Improvisation (now Moscow College of Improvised Music.)
1984 to 1986: first serious experience in jazz, a French Horn - acoustic bass duo (with bassist Mikhail Karetnikov.)
1985 to 1989: member of Three O, with Sergey Letov (saxes, flutes) and Arkady Kirichenko (tuba, vocal.) October, 2005: Three O celebrates its 20th anniversary (see picture.)

Since 1988: duo with Mikhail "Misha" Alperin (piano.) Their first ECM album "Wave Of Sorrow" (1989) was the first Russian album on ECM. Later on, Shilkloper participated in two more Alperin recordings for ECM: "North Story" (1997) и "First Impression" (1999, with John Surman.)

In 1990, the Alperin-Shilkloper duo invites Sergey Starostin, a Moscow Conservatory-educated clarinetist and a dedicated researcher of Russian authentic folklore music, which results in the creation of Moscow Art Trio. The trio tours regularly, though its members now live in three different countries; it is one of the most interesting and well-known Ethno Jazz groups from Russia. In Russia, their albums were released by Boheme Music; in Europe, by Jaro.
Their most recent releases on Jaro are:
Instead of Making Children (2006)
Once Upon A Time (2001)
Music (1998)

Since 1992, Arkady Shilkloper performs solo.
He had recorded three solo albums.

(RDM, 1996; Boheme Music, 1998)

Программа "Hornology" была записана и выпущена в 1996 г. фирмой RDM, а в 1998 г. переиздана Boheme Music.

  • He Descended From the Heaven available in Real Audio
  • Virgin Ocean available in Real Audio
  • Tales for Alexandra available in Real Audio
(Boheme Music, 2000)
  • Song For Everyone available in Real Audio
  • Funky Etude available in Real Audio
  • Pilatus available in Real Audio
Presente Para Moscou
(DOM Records, 2003)

Since 1995, Arkady Shilkloper (horn, flugelhorn, alphorn) plays in Pago Libre with Austrian violinist Tscho Theissing, Swiss pianist John Wolf Brennan and Austrian bassist Georg Breinschmid.

Pago Libre

In 1998 - 2002 Arkady Shilkloper performed with Europe's leading big band, the Vienna Art Orchestra (Vienna, Austria).

Arkady Shilkloper in Vienna Art Orchestra

Arkady performs "Bruxelles Ma Belle" during VAO's 200 tour "Artistry in Rhythm":

In 2000, Arkady put together the Mauve Trio with Brazilian guitar player Alegre Correa and Austrian bassist Georg Breinschmid. Their debut album, simply called "Mauve" (Quinton,  2002) was awarded the prestigious Hans Koller Prize of Austria as the "CD Of The Year"..
Mp3 from Mauve on eMusic

Arkady Shilkloper currently resides in Wupperthal, Germany. He performs in Russia regularly -- in a trio with vocalist Sergey Starostin and St.Petersburg bassist Vladimir Volkov, and also in various settings with trumpet player Sergey Pron, pianist Andrey Kondakov, bassist Igor Ivanushkin, drummers Oleg Baltaga and Alexander Zinger, etc.

Since 1998, Arkady also plays alphorn, quite an unusual instrument for imnprovised music. Arkady rates one of the best of the few existing jazz performers on alphorn. His Pilatus and Presente Para Moscou albums feature a lot of his alphorn playing.

CLICK to get 300 dpi hi-res photo

© Jaro Medien GmbH, 2006:


Аркадйи Шилклопер и его альпийский рог"Los Angeles Times", 26/11/90, by Leonard Feather:
Moscow, Ida  - It is a long trip from Moscow to Moscow, but for Arkady Shilkloper it was worth the effort. The Soviet French horn virtuoso was one of four Jazzmen from the Soviet Union who arrived here last week to take part in the 23rd annual University of Idaho Jazz Festival at his home town's namesake city. Shilkloper, 33, on his first visit to the United States was the artistic sensation of the four-day event.

"Horncall", 1988, by Jeffrey Agrell:
Shilkloper and his bass player swing like nobody's business. He rips and riffs and goes places that horn players aren't supposed to go without a net, map, seat belt, crash helmet, overhead air support, and a note from their mothers. And he does so with extraordinary ease and musicality. I think maybe nobody ever told him "Jazz playing on horn is very difficult, and probably not natural or perhaps the phrase does not translate into Russian. I'd walk a camel a mile to hear this guy.

"Jazz Times", June 1994, by Leonard Feather:
"Another was the incredible Arkady Shilkloper, who brought his French horn from Moscow, Russia to Moscow, Idaho His control of the instrument, and his blowing creativity have set a new standard, even Julius Watkins, his idol never produced such results."

"The Independent", London:
"Unlike other European groups... the Moscow Art Trio don't have to try to sound Post-Modem, they just are, and in a way that is what makes what they play look and sound both utterly contemporary and timeless... Once word gets out, this will be the band to book for every Festival going".

:  arkady.shilkloper @ gmx.de (copy the address to your mail client and delete the spaces around @).

Arkady Shilkloper's discography

Arkady ShilkloperSOLO

  • Arkady Shilkloper
    RDM 6 06 144 (1996). Boheme Music CDBMR 809016 (1998)

    • He Descended From the Heaven available in Real Audio
    • Virgin Ocean available in Real Audio
    • Tales for Alexandra available in Real Audio
  • Arkady Shilkloper
    Boheme Music CDBMR 906063. (2000).

    • Song For Everyone available in Real Audio
    • Funky Etude available in Real Audio
    • Pilatus available in Real Audio
  • Arkady Shilkloper
    Presente para Moscou
    JARO 4264-2. (2005).

  • Arkady Shilkloper
    Zum Gipfel und zuruck. Neue Alphornmusik
    MIGROS. Musiques suisses. MGB CD 6246. (2006).

  • Arkady Shilkloper


  • Mikhail Alperin / Arkady Shilkloper
    Wave Of Sorrow
    ECM 1396 (1990).

  • Mikhail Alperin / Arkady Shilkloper
    Live In Grenoble
    RDM 3 05 015. Boheme Music CDBMR 809006
    Personnel: M.Alperin (p, melodica), A.Shilkloper (frh,flh)


  • Mikhail Alperin/Arkady Shilkloper/Sergei Starostin
    RDM 301006 (Russia), Silex Y225039 (France), JARO 4193-2 (Germany)
    Personnel: M.Alperin (p, melodica, voice, perc), A.Shilkloper (frh, flh, voice), S.Starostin (voice, folk reeds);
    Guests: Tuva folk Ensemble & Russian Folk Ensemble.

    • Funeral available in Real Audio
    • Prayer available in Real Audio
    • Troika available in Real Audio
  • Mikhail Alperin's Moscow Art Trio
    Hamburg Concert
    JARO 4201-2 (Germany)

  • Mikhail Alperin
    Folk Dreams
    JARO 4187-2 (Germany)
    Personnel: M.Alperin (p, keyb, perc, voice), A.Shilkloper (frh, flh), Sergey Starostin (voc, folk reeds);
    Guests: Folk Choir "Russkaya Pesnja", Nadezhda Babkina (ld)

  • Moscow Art Trio
    Live In Karlsruhe 1994
    Boheme Music CDBMR 809010 (1998)

  • Moscow Art Trio
    JARO 4214-2 (1998)

    • listen to "Almost Epilog" Available in Real Audio - click and listen

  • Moscow Art Trio, The Bulgarian Voices "Angelite", Huun-Huur-Tu
    Mountain Tale
    JARO 4212-2 (1998)

  • Moscow Art Trio
    Once Upon a Time
    JARO 4238-2 (2001)

  • Moscow Art Trio
    Instead of making children
    JARO 4274-2 (2006)

  • Moscow Art Trio & Norwegian Chamber Orchestra
    Village Variations
    JARO 4290-2 (2008)


  • Arkady Shilkloper, Vladimir Volkov, Sergej Starostin
    Boheme Music CDBMR 810029 (1998)

    • Tanya-Tanyusha available in Real Audio
    • Balkan Miniature available in Real Audio
    • Rejoice available in Real Audio
  • Kondakov, Volkov, Shilkloper
    Boheme Music CDBMR (2000)

  • Tri-O
    SoLyd Records SLR 0031 (1995)
    Personnel: Sergei Letov (ss, ts, bars, bcl, fl, zurna), Arkady Shilkloper (frh, jagdhorn), Alexander Alexandrov (bassoon, cl), Arkady Kirichenko (euphonium, voc, tu, perc)

  • Shilkloper, Correa, Breinschnid
    Quinton 0106-2 (2001)

  • Misha Alperin
    Her First Dance
    ECM 1995 (2008)
    Personnel: Misha Alperin (p), Arkady Shilkloper (frh, flh), Anja Lechner (clo)


  • Pago Libre
    Bellaphon Records, Germany, L+R 45105 (1996), Leo Records CD LR 354 (2002, reissue)
    Personnel: Tscho Theissing (v), Arkady Shilkloper (frh), John Wolf Brennan (p, melodica), Daniele Patumi (b)

  • Wake Up Call / Live In Italy
    Leo Records CD LR 272 (1999)

  • Cinemagique / Fifteen Soundtracks For An Imaginary Cinema
    TCB - The Montreux Label 01112 (2001)

  • Phoenix / Live in Salzburg & Zurich
    Leo Records CD LR 377 (2003)

  • Stepping Out
    Leo Records CD LR 444 (2005)
    Personnel: Arkady Shilkloper (horn, flh, alphorn on 6, 10), Tscho Theissing (v, voice on 9, 10), John Wolf Brennan (piano, arcopiano, pizzicatopiano, melodica on 5), Georg Breinschmid (b, voice on 9, 11)


  • Arkady Shilkloper, Andrey Kondakov, Vladimir Volkov, Christian Scheuber
    Live In Norway
    Boheme Music, CDBMR 809007 (1998)

    • listen to "Cobra" available in Real Audio
    • listen to "Julius Blues" available in Real Audio
  • Arkady Shilkloper Acoustic Quartet
    Brass Complot
    Ermatell Records JCD 020, Boheme Music CDBMR 809008 (1998)
    Personnel: A.Shilkloper (frh), Igor Paraschuk (cl, bcl, as), Sergei Pron (tp, flh), Sergei Belichenko (dr)

    • Quartet available in Real Audio
  • Volkovtrio and Arkady Shilkloper
    SoLyd Records SLR 013 (1998)


  • Mikhail Alperin
    North Story
    ECM 1596 (1997)
    Personnel: M.Alperin (p), A.Shilkloper (frh, flh), Tore Brunborg (ts), Terje Gewelt (b), Jon Christensen (dr)

  • Mikhail Alperin
    First Impression
    ECM 1664 (1999)


  • Stefano Maltese
    Open Sound Ensemble
    Living Alive, LR 265 (1999)
    Personnel: Stefano Maltese (as, ss, bcl), Arkady Shilkloper (frh, flh), Sophia Domancich (p), Paul Rogers (ac b), Antonio Moncada (dr, per), Gioconda Cilio (voice, perc)


  • Kim Kristensen & Ildvaeverne
    Storyville STCD 4193 (Denmark) (1994)
    Personnel: Kim Kristensen (p,syn), A.Shilkloper (frh), Jesper Zeuthen (as,bcl), Flemming Agerskov (tp,flh), Thomas Agergaard (ss, ts, fl), Gustavo Toker (bandoneon), Hans Andersen (b), Peter Danemo (dr)

  • Christian Muthspiel
    Octet Ost II
    Amadeo 521 823 (Austria) (1994)
    Personnel: Ch.Muthspiel (tb), Tomasz Stanko (tp), A.Shilkloper (frh), Petras Vysniauskas (sax), A.Vapirov (sax), Bela Szaloky (tb, bass tp), Mikulas Skuta (p), V.Tarasov (dr)

  • Andreas Willers Octet
    The Ground Music
    ENJ-9368 2 (2000)
    Personnel: Dominique Pifarely (v), Claudio Puntin (cl), Matthias Schubert (ts), Arkady Shilkloper (frh, flh), Jorg Huke (tb), Andreas Willers (g), Dieter Ilg (b), Tom Rainey (dr)


  • Vienna Art Orchestra
    Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love

    TCB (1999)
  • Vienna Art Orchestra
    All That Strauss

    TCB (2000)
  • Vienna Art Orchestra
    Artistry in Rhythm
    TCB 01102 (2000)
  • Vienna Art Orchestra
    "American Rhapsody" (Tribute to Gershwin)
    BMG Classic/RCA Victor


  • Karl Berger Orchestra
    No Man Is An Island
    Douglas Music ADC4
    Personnel: Jean Louis Matinier (acc), Enrico Rava (tp), A.Shilkloper (frh), Bernd Konrad (cl,saxes). Ernst Reijseger (clo), Marc Abrams (b), Billy Elgart (dr,perc), The Mutare String Trio, Ingrid Sertso (voice), K.Berger (comp, cond, p, vib)
  • Rhapsody In Russia: A Gershwin Celebration
    Sheffield Lab CD-28 (USA)
    Personnel: Lincoln Mayorga (p), Moscow Philarmonic Orchestra, Dmitry Kitayenko (cond). Arkady Shilkloper (frh on one track), Stan Ricker (b)
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