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Nick Levinovsky
pianist, composer, bandleader (New York)

Nick LevinovskyRussian-born jazz musician Nikolay Levinovsky has been on the jazz scene since the late 60's. After graduating from Saratov State Conservatory, Nick worked as musical director and primary arranger for the most well-known jazz orchestras in Moscow.
Nick Levinovsky, Russia, early 80sIn 1978 Nick founded his own group "Allegro" which rapidly received nationwide fame. Nick's constant efforts to develop jazz as an art form led the group to position of "best jazz band in the U.S.S.R." and Nick won the title "musician of the year" four times. He is listed in the Soviet Music Encyclopedia as one of the first composers to fuse Russian folk songs with jazz.
Nick and "Allegro" participated in the international jazz festivals throughout Europe and Asia including Finland, Netherlands, France, Germany, India, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Portugal, Sri-Lanka and others. He was a permanent guest artist on television and radio broadcasts.
As a member of the Union of Soviet Composers and the Jazz Federation, Nick was honored to represent Soviet Jazz at the International Summits with such legendary names like Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Grover Washington Jr., Dave Brubeck, Jan Garbarek and others. According to Gary Burton, "Nick Levinovsky is an undoubted talent...highly recommended."
Sphinx - CD coverNick's recording credits include eight LP's which sold out 40 to 50,000 copies. One CD "Sphinx" has been released in the USA in 1990.
Nick: a sketchNick's New York City debut occurred in 1990. The New York Times said "Mr. Levinovsky has abundant technique and his music offered moments of reflection and lucidity." Since then, Nick has put together a few different projects including his renovated group "Allegro" which performed at the Jazz Blues Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, Boston's Hancock Concert Hall and the JVC Jazz Festival at Lincoln Center, Avery Fisher Hall in 1995.
In addition to his performing, Nick is an experienced musicologist and jazz- columnist for the Russian-American Newspaper "Novoe Russcoe Slovo".
Nick's present project - his 17 piece big-band is strong proof of his creative energy and solid skill. Most of the band's repertory is Nick's original compositions where he combines his Russian musical roots with modern jazz language. The band is successfully performing in New York's jazz clubs such as Birdland, Smalls, Roberts, Neo Lounge as well as an outdoor concert series on Park Avenue, Manhattan.

Listen Up! - CD coverThe band's new CD "Listen Up!" received a favorable review from the June '99 issue of Jazz Times Magazine. "...this program of six originals and two standards...augurs well for the future of the leader's new orchestra." "Kathy Jenkins ... a superb jazz singer in her own right.."

From This Moment On - CD coverKathy Jenkins newest CD "From This Moment On" with The Nick Levinovsky Big Band and Trio is recently released and receiving frequent radio play.

Quotes from the press:
"Give 'em one week at the Vanguard".... Ira Gitler, Jazz Times
"Nick's keyboards sound terrific!".... Keyboard Magazine
"Nick Levinovsky has abundant technique and his music offered moments of reflection and lucidity.".... Peter Watrous, New York Times
"sensation of the festival".... Finland
"The guests from the East are the best.".... France
"The fire and spirit of Allegro.".... Sri-Lanka
"It was like a lesson in composition and arranging.".... India
More on Nick Levinovsky:
"Russia, the KGB, and jazz!" - by Mike Freeman: Nick's story as seen by an American journalist
NLO Records Official Web Page: you may learn more about Nick's recent works and projects here; short audio samples available

Contact: e-mail - nlomail@nlorecords.com

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