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Downtown Music Блюз в России
Old Blues






Since early 2010, the Russian jazz magazine on the Web changed its outlook. In 1998-2009, we used to publish the weekly or bi-weekly "issues," or "editions," formed much like traditional paper magazines, only without paper. Wait a minute, we said to ourselves in late 2009, it's been three years since we already did have a paper magazine as well! So, instead of running two magazines (one on the paper 7 times a year, another on the Web some 30 times a year,) we switched to a new blog-like, read-while-we-write layout - Russian Jazz Magazine 2.0.
It's still in Russian, understandably, as it's targeted on Russian jazz community, and Russians don't care much about reading in foreign languages. They like their jazz discussed in their mother tongue, in very many well-arranged words, just like Tolstoyevsky did (or was it Dostoy?) That's what the Russian Jazz Magazine 2.0. is all about. You can even read it - using, for example, the Google Translate tool. Read it, comment it, and even subscribe to it!
Still, we keep the English digests of many our pre-2010 "issues" in our archives:

#20-2009 (437) - December 23, 2009
Jazz.Ru celebrates its 12th birthday (pictured: drummer Oleg Butman during the celebration concert on the stage of Moscow House of Journalists). Pavel Korbout tells the story of the 15th Jazz Voices Festival in Moscow. Russian-Norwegian jazz-and-spoken-word project, "Knut Hamsun Returns To Russia". Saxophonist Alexei Kruglov presented in Moscow his multidisciplinary project, Ornettecolemaniade. Erykah Badu in Moscow's rich suburb Barvikha: nouveau rich glamour. In Memoriam: St.Petersburg leading mainstream jazz drummer, Vladimir Tunik (1960-2009). Jazz Province Festival travels Central Russia: the story as told by one of the participating musicians. Tom Harrell to perform in Moscow, Jerusalem's 6th Jazz Globus Festival. New Albums: trupmeter Vitaly Golovniov; THe Second Approach Trio... and more!


# 6 (423) - April 24, 2009
5th Le Jazz, French Jazz festival in Moscow: concert reviews
Pianist Ivan Farmakovsky unveils his Russian-American CD project, Next To The Shadow, live in Moscow with Eddie Henderson and others (pictured)
Muscovite singer Sergey Starostin, the Russian traditional singing expert, and the Volkovtrio, St.Petersburg's hottest jam band, release their new collaboration album
Alexander Oseichuk, the tycoon of Russian jazz education, celebrates the 20the anniversary of his Green Wave band at the Russian Academy of Music concert hall
American jazz vocalist Nicole Henry interviewed after her Siberian tour
"Icons Among Us" documentary series premiere in the U.S.: after years of Ken Burns Jazz biased and unjust views forming the public point of view on jazz, the genre's present tense strikes back

# 5 (422) - April 5, 2009
Al Foster Quartet in Moscow, as seen by Gulnara Khamatova (pictured)
Piano in Jazz competition in Moscow: the finals
MuzEnergo festival expands from Dubna (Moscow Region) to the Russian capital... and further!
Human phonograph speaks up: Glenn Miller Orchestra Europe in Siberia (finally)
Sax man Lew Tabackin to perform in Moscow with Yakov Okun's Moscow City Trio
Duke Exhibition: Duke Ellington's 110th birthday celebrated in Moscow by an exhibition of rare photographs made during Duke's U.S.S.R tour in 1971 by the late photographer Felix Solovyov
In Memoriam: Bud Shank(1926-2009).

#421(4-2009) March 21, 2009

Producer George Avakian's 90th birthday celebrated in New York; Jazz Over Volga River Festival, held since 1979 in the Russian city of Yaroslavl, reviewed; pianist Ivan Farmakovsky announces the CD release party for his album, "Next To The Shadow" (pictured)  at the Moscow House of Music; Russian jazz education tycoon, saxophonist Alexander Oseichuk, celebrates the 20th anniversary of his Green Wave Band at the Russian Academy of Music Concert Hall; Newport Jazz Festival returns to its rooths, being retrieved back by its founder George Wein; LA famed jazz spot Jazz Bakery to change address (hopefully); Herbie Hancock to head the LA Philharmonic Jazz program, and other stories

#420 (3-2009) March 5, 2009

Composer, bassist and producer Alex Rostotsky presented in Moscow's newest jazz club, V&J, his latest CD, "Promenade with Mussorgsky" (pictured); new concert venue, the Yauza theatre, opens its doors in Moscow with a solo concert by jazz singer Karina Kozhevnikova; Chicago-based pianist Ryan Cohan interviewed in the middle of Siberia; Siberian jazz musicians perform at a Miami, Fl.-based jazz festival; Dutch sax sweetie Candy Dulfer to perform in Moscow; sax man Oleg Kireyev to present his Mainstream Quartet at the Moscow House of Music; the Jazz Piano Competition for young pianists in Moscow; Scotch trumpet player and jazz historian Ian Carr dies, and other stories.


Bandleader, educator and pianist Anatoly Kroll observes the members of his We Are Jazzmen ensemble play at the Jazz.Ru 11th Birthday Celebration in Moscow on December 12, 2008

Jazz.Ru releases its #8/9, 2008 issue and opens the online access to its first eight issues (1 to 8/9, 2007)
Jazz.Ru celebrates its 11th birthday at the Moscow's Central House of Journalists with a two-day festival
City Jazz Festival in Moscow featured the Bad Plus and Eric Truffaz
14th Jazz Voices: jazz vocal festival produced by Moscow Jazz Art Club's Alexander Eidelman showcases three Russian and one American vocal acts
Triumph of Jazz 2009: complete line-up of Moscow's most prestigious jazz festival (to be held on February 7) announced
Jazz in the Moscow Orchestral Assemblies program: Zinaida Kartasheva reviews the jazz side of Moscow's famed music education event

#415 (17-2008)
Tatiana Komova
Tatiana Komova of the Second Approach

Pictured: the Second Approach, Moscow-based jazz/ethno/modern classical crossover trio, celebrate their 10th anniversary at the Moscow Jewish Center
Jazz Travels: the Jazz Province, Russia's traveling jazz extravaganza, reviewed in Southern Russian city of Voronezh
Interviews: pianist Bobo Stenson, trumpet/saxophone player Joe McPhee
Eurasia Jazz Festival reviewed: jazz on the border of European and Asian part of Russia
Singer Anna Buturlina calls for future participants of First Moscow jazz vocalists competition...
...and other articles


Jazz.Ru Magazine: release due Oct. 06. Alex Rostotsky (on the photo) presented his clarinet/piano/e-bass trio with his blend of classical/jazz crossover at the Moscow Conservatory. Other concert reviews: Sax man Marshall Keys in Moscow; Austria's Löschel Trio at the Jewish Cultural Center; 7th Ethno Jazz Festival in Moldova; Japanese pianist Imada Masaru performs in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Carnival of Jazz invites jazz fans to the ancient Sergiev Posad near Moscow. American singer Grace Garland will perform in Novosibirsk, Moscow and St.Petersburg. Moscow's forthcoming gigs: saxophonist Abraham Burton, singer Gregory Porter, Japanese classical/jazz crossover Yasuaki Shimizu & Saxophonnets. Swedish improv guitar wiz, David Stakenas, to perform in St.Petersburg. New York live reviews: James Blood Ulmer at the Jazz Standard. In Memoriam: Dick Sudhalter (1938-2008).

#412 (14-2008)

Alexey Kuznetsov

Featured: Varna Jazz Summer -- festival review from Bulgaria by Milen Panayotov .Ken Vandermark's Free Fall in Moscow: concert reviewed by Sergey Bondarkov. Guitarist Alexey Kuznetsov celebrated his "50 Years In Jazz" at the House of Music (on the photo). Young musicians from Ukraine: Magnifika Group. Live & Upcoming in Moscow: George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band, Marshall Keys, Michiel Borstlap. More festival reviews: Jazz on the Red Sea (Eilat, Israel); Creation of Peace (Kazan, Russia); September in Tikhvin (St.Petersburg Region, Russia). CD Reviews: Carla Bley Big Band, Bobo Stenson, Frank Vignola.


Vladimir Volkov

#398, December 27, 2007
pictured:  bassist Vladimir Volkov performs with trumpet player Slava Gaivoronsky and pianist Andrey Kondakov during Jazz.Ru's 10th anniversary celebration in Moscow, December 22, 2007 (by Pavel Korbout)
Jazz.Ru Magazine and Web portal wish their readers a happy New Year and a merry Christmas (as the Orthodox Christian celebration of Christmas is in January!)
Igor Butman, Russia's Prime Sax Man, Signs With Sony Classical; his debut album on the renowned international label, Magic Land, features Chick Corea on piano, John Patitucci on the bass, Jack DeJohnette on the drums (who also produced the album), Stefon Harris on the vibes, and Randy Brecker on trumpet. Two looks on the Jazz.Ru 10th anniversary celebration at the House of Journalists: one from a participating musician, and the other from a devoted reader and concertgoer. Singer Roberta Gambarini in Moscow, as seen by Olga Yagova. Participants and listeners discuss Jazz Voices 2007, Moscow's annual jazz vocal festival. Tanya Kalmanovish discovers Siberia: New York-based, Canadian-born violin improviser tours the vast Asian part of Russia. Jazz on Manhattan, Freshly Seen: young Muscovite journalist Diana Kondrashina reports her first jazz trip to New York City.
Pianist Oscar Peterson dies at 82: fans mourn the most popular jazz piano player of the previous century

Avishai Cohen

#397, December 8, 2007
pictured:  Israeli bassist Avishai Cohen performs in Moscow, Russia, late October, 2007 (by Gulnara Khamatova)
Jazz.Ru celebrates its 10th anniversary at the Moscow House of Journalists
City Jazz festival in Moscow reviewed. New York-based Edom, the "Radical Jewish Culture"-recorded group led by guitarist Eyal Maoz, performs in Moscow. Bassist Avishai Cohen and singer Datevik Hovannesian headline the City Jazz festival in Moscow. Karlheinz Miklin, Austria's leading jazz performer and educator, as seen live in Moscow. Lithuanian bassist and bandleader Leonidas Shinkarenko interviewed. The chairman of IAJE European branch participated in an orchestral seminar in Moscow.
GRAMMY ™ Jazz Nominees: a complete list.

#393, September 24, 2007
pictured:  free improviser Sergei  Letov performs in Moscow with his Sax Mafia group in September, 2007 (by Ruslan Belik)
Jazz.Ru Magazine and Web portal to take part at the Music Moscow exhibition in Sokolniki Exhibition Park, Moscow
Sax Mafia, Sergei Letov's recent project, performs at DOM club.
Bassist Alex Rostotsky featured four of his recent groups at Moscow's Union of Composers Club.
Bobby Sanabria in Yerevan, Armenia (reviewed by Armen Manoukian.)
Ukraine's jazz advocate, Alexey Kogan, celebrates his 50th birthday by a one-day jazz festival in Kiev
Long Arms, avant-garde and improv fest at Moscow's DOM club, will commemorate the memory of the late DOM founder, Nick Dmitriev.
Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, celebrates local jazz veterans', Safarov brothers', 50th year on jazz stage
21th Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat, Israel, reviewed by Vladimir Mack
Notes from a Camp: Louisville University's Summer Jazz Workshop as seen by a Russian participant

Guerman Lukianov and Alexey Kruglov

#392, September 7, 2007
pictured:  Russian jazz veteran Guerman Lukianov (alto horn) performs with younger Muscovite jazz musician Alexey Kruglov at the Hermitage Garden, August, 2007 (by Cyril Moshkow)
85th jazz concert season in Moscow kicked off by the 10th International Jazz at Hermitage Garden Festival
Baku, Azerbaijan Jazz Festival-2007 reviewed by Rovshan Sananoglu
Drummer Billy Cobham to tour Russia with Alex Rostotsky's Jazz Bass Theatre
7th Odessa, Ukraine Jazz Festival schedule revealed
Yaroslavl, Russia: city's favorite jazz musician, pianist Vadim Mainugin, whose day job is an executive position at region's main Children Hospital, celebrates his 60th birthday
Archangelsk Jazz Days (Northern Russia) complete schedule
Japan's sensational Shibusashirazu Orchestra to play one concert in Moscow
First-ever global jazz conference titled "Jazz in the Global Imagination: Music, Journalism, and Culture" to be held at the Columbia University in New York City
Chick Corea and Bela Fleck will perform in Moscow and St.Petersburg

#391, August 23, 2007
pictured:  godfather of Free Jazz, Ornette Coleman performs at Jazz em Agosto Festival in Lisbon, Portugal, on August 11, 2007 (by Cyril Moshkow)
Featured: Jazz em Agosto Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, reviewed by Ana Filipieva and Cyril Moshkow
In Memoriam: Russian jazz critic Arkady Petrov, pioneer of Russian jazz broadcasting, dies at 71; 2nd Don Chento Jazz Festival in Kaliningrad, Russia; Mingus Dynasty Band and jazz rock fusion heroes Vital Information to perform in Moscow; Jazz Muscovy festival launches in Troitsk, Moscow region
Great Jazz drummer Max Roach dies

Buster Wiliams at the Composers Union

#390, July 27, 2007
pictured:  bassist Buster Williams performs in Moscow's Composers Union Club in July, 2007 (by Cyril Moshkow)
Moscow's Composers Union Club quickly makes it to the leadership on Russian capital's club scene: Jazz.Ru reviews Joshua Redman's and Buster Williams's performances
More young Russian jazz live on the air: pianist/vocalist Natalia Smirnova and Crazy Rhythm Band perform live on nationwide Culture Radio 
Moscow's Jazz Art Club completed the ride of its 450 members on the rivers, channels and lakes around Moscow during the 9th Moscow Jazz Steamboat tour
Rostov city: local jazzmen perform in front of President Vladimir Putin (he survives)
Vadim Neselovskiy: Odessa-born, NYC-based piano player interviewed
Alto sax great Kenny Garrett to perform in Moscow with his new "Beyond the Wall" album
In Memoriam: trombonist Vladimir Sizov (64), the mainstay of the jazz scene of the Russian city of Yaroslavl
10th Jazz at the Hermitage Gardens Festival to be held on August 24 to 26, Moscow

Roswell Rudd

#389, June 30, 2007
pictured:  trombonist Roswell Rudd on the stage of Moscow's Compoers Union Club on June 21, 2007 (by Cyril Moshkow)
Moscow's Composers Union Club completed its 2nd International Composers Union Jazz Festival: a music content overview - veteran trombonist Roswell Rudd joins forces with Moscow's The Second Approach Trio, Al Foster plays his drums off etc.
1980s Soviet avant-garde leaders, trumpet player Slava Guyvoronsky, drummer Vladimir Tarasov and sax man Vladimir Chekasin, at their joint 180/3 (three-man 60th anniversary) party in St.Petersburg.
1970s Soviet jazz innovator Guerman Lukianov, 70, to perform live in the studio of Russia's nationwide Culture Radio with his current Kadans Millenium Band: reviewed by those who presented him on air.
In Memoriam: the best big band arranger in Soviet and Russian jazz, Igor Butman Big Band's musical director Vitaly Dolgov, dies in Ruga, Latvia, at 70. A Leningrad native, the founding member of the first Soviet Jazz club in Leningrad (now St.Petersburg,) saxophonist Arkady Memhes, dies at 71 in St.Paul, Minnesota.
Jazz events to come: trumpet player Eric Truffaz at Moscow's B1 Maximum club; singer Freddie Cole in the Archangelskoe Estate near Moscow; bassist Buster Williams and reedist Joshua Redman to top the bill of the 3rd International Composers Union Jazz Festival; pianist Andrei Kondakov & Brazil All Stars plus special guest, sax great David Sanchez, to play in the inner yard of St.Petersburg Hermitage, the former Tsar's winter palace.
Jazz Journalists Association presented the 11th annual Jazz Awards in New York City

Slide Hampton

#388, June 16, 2007
pictured: Avishai Cohen performs with his Israeli trio at the Jazz Mansion Festival in the Archangelskoe Estate near Moscow, June 3, 2007 (by Cyril Moshkow)
4th Jazz Mansion Festival in the Archangelskoe Estate near Moscow: Moscow's biggest jazz open-air featured Paolo Fresu, Avishai Cohen, Marcus Miller and others.
Slava Guyvoronsky's 60th birthday at Moscow's DOM: the acclaimed trumpet player presented his 43 Capriccios.
In the Northern Russian city of Archangelsk, guitarist Tim Dorofeyev presented Archangelsk Blues Festival.
Singer Kurt Elling to perform in Moscow.
Moscow House of Music reveals its 2007/2008 jazz season.
1970s Soviet jazz innovator Guerman Lukianov, 70, to perform live in the studio of Russia's nationwide Culture Radio with his current Kadans Millenium Band.

#387, May 31, 2007
pictured: horn virtuoso Arkady Shilkloper performs at the Pushino Jazz Games, May 25, 2007 (by Cyril Moshkow)
Pushino, small scientific community and campus 50 miles south from Moscow, revitalizes its 1960-1980s jazz festival tradition broken in the 1990s: Mikhail Mitropolsky produces the new version of the festival - Pushino Jazz Games.
Jazz Express in Tver, Russia: the new festival's 3rd edition. The late avant-garde bassist Aleksandr Nesterov remembered in Kyiv, Ukraine. In the Russian city of Ryazan, local fusion group Feelin's presents their collaboration with New York-based Art Blakey Jazz Messengers vet Valery Ponomarev, both as trumpet player and narrator. Avant-garde cellist Vlad Makarov tells the story of Swiss-based event titled Uncool Festival of Jazz Improv World Cosmo Music.
Russian trumpet virtuoso Sergey Pron interviewed.

Slide Hampton

#386, May 20, 2007
pictured: Slide Hampton rises the Dizzy Gillespie All Stars during their May 16, 2007 performance at the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, Russia (by Cyril Moshkow)
Dizzy Gillespie All Stars Big Band tore down the house in Moscow, Russia: visual impressions!
Joey DeFrancesco performs in Moscow: reviewed by Nikolay Shienok. 16th Jazz Transit Festival in Ekaterinburg, Russia: Mikhail Mitropolsky observes jazz trends in Russia's Ural Region capital city. 6th All-Russian Competition of Young Jazz Performers in Rostov, Russia: complete results. DoJ-Junior Jazz Competition in Donetsk, Ukraine: complete results. Irkutsk, Siberia: 8th International jazz festival Jazz Over Angara River announced.
Roman Stolyar's California Improvising: Siberian improv wiz on how he taught improvisation at the CalArts.

Archie Shepp

#385, May 5, 2007
pictured: Archie Shepp during his Tallinn, Estonia performance on April 27, 2007 (by Cyril Moshkow)
Jazzkaar 2007 festival in Tallinn, Estonia: reviewed by Anna Filipieva and Cyril Moshkow
Muscovite trio The Second Approach and Siberian improv wiz Roman Stoulyar join forces at the shared concert in Moscow's newest Composers' Union Club
Archangelsk "April Jazz Thesis" festival, reviewed by Mikhail Mitropolsky
Ten years of jazz at the Moscow Students Festival: Zinaida Kartasheva analyzes the trend
Dmitry Ukhov and Michael Green review Israel's International Music Exposure
Jill McManus reviews a New York date of Five Corners, Russian-American jazz band
20th Jazz Improvizacija 2007 solo jazz piano competition in Vilnius, Lithuania: call for registration
Jazz back on Radio Liberty waves: Dmitry Savitsky now hosts Nine Minutes of Jazz instead of his legendary 49 Minutes of Jazz, off the air since 2004
Contemporary sax great Eric Marienthal to perform in Moscow with Russian group Trans Atlantik... and many other forthcoming festivals and concerts in Russia

Alex Rostotsky#384, April 12, 2007
pictured: Alex Rostotsky, of the Jazz Bass Theatre, Moscow, 2007 (by Cyril Moshkow)
Third Le Jazz, the French Jazz Festival in Moscow, as reviewed by Cyril Moshkow
Russian Jazz Stars Festival: Nick Levinovsky, Igor Butman Big Band and Alex Sipiagin - Boris Kozlov Quartet top the bill at the Pavel Clobodkin Center in downtown Moscow (reviewed by Anna Filipieva and Cyril Moshkow).
Sax man Lew Tabackin plays in Moscow (a listener's review)
More Live Jazz To Come: Richard Bona in Moscow and St.Petersburg, pianist Dave Kikoski at Igor Butman Jazz Club, keyboard player Lonnie Liston Smith at the new B1 Maximum venue in Moscow, and St.Petersburg Big Band to celebrate its 5th birthday in Russia's historical Northern Capital. A Bit of Jazz in Yorkshire: musicologist Zinaida Kartasheva visits a jazz conference in Leeds, UK. TheJazz.Com reveals the Brits' jazz taste.
Drumming Great Billy Cobham joins forces with Alex Rostotsky Jazz Bass Theatre at Moscow's JazzTown Club

Roman Stolyar#383, March 29, 2007
pictured: Roman Stolyar, Moscow, 2006 (by Pavel Korbout)
Let's turn April in Russia to Jazz Appreciation Month!
Todd Barkan (of Jazz @ Lincoln Center) reviews Russian-American jazz concert at the St.Petersburg Hermitage Palace.
Pianist George Coleman in Moscow, as reviewed by Anna Filipieva.
Sax man Igor Butman launches his own Igor Butman Jazz Club in downtown Moscow.
 Igor Butman Big Band to play at the Moscow House of Music.
April marks the first Jazz Appreciation Month in Estonia.
Siberian improv wiz Roman Stolyar joins forces with Muscovites from The Second Approach Trio  at the Composers Union Club in Moscow.

Soulbop Band#376, January 17, 2006
pictured: Soulbop Band, Moscow, 2005 (by Cyril Moshkow)
Triumph of Jazz #8: plans for the February's Moscow main jazz event revealed, Randy Brecker/Bill Evans' Soulbop Band to top the bill
Grigory Nemirovsky interviewed: Kiev-born, Germany-based jazz trumpet player, pianist, and early music enthusiast speaks about jazz in Ukraine and other intriguing things
Regional reviews: jazz club launched in Ufa, Bashkortostan Autonomy; Snowy Jazz Festival in Yekaterinburg
Vocal Zone a cappella festival in Moscow's Jazz Town Club to feature four leading vocal groups from post-Soviet countries, including ManSound from Ukraine, Camerata from Belarus, and two Russian acts: Jukebox from Kazan and A'Cappella ExpreSSS fromMoscow
Yuri Machkasov tells the story of Scott LaFaro's favorite bass
Farewells: Michael Brecker, Alice Coltrane

Vladimir Feyertag#375, December 27, 2006
pictured: Vladimir Feyertag, Moscow, 2006 (by Pavel Korbout)
Jazz critic and historian Vladimir Feyertag turns 75!
Jazz.Ru announces changes, analyzes innovations, wishes all the best in the new jazzy 2007!
Mikhail Mitropolsky and Roman Stolyar analyze innovative trends as they visit Jazz.Ru 9th Birthday and Magazine Launch Party in Moscow and the renewed Pushchino Jazz Festival near Moscow
Two Arkadies in Dubna: Yuri Lnogradski witnesses the performance of horn man Arkady Shilkloper and tuba/vocal eccentric Arkady Freeman in Dubna, the capital of Russian nuclear physics
Moscow calling: Israeli pianist Mikhail Agre joins forces with Muscovite new jazz multireedist Sergey Letov; JazzTown hosts the Jazz Transformation Show; Funk Family All Stars to present the young generation of Muscovite funksters
December Farewells: Ahmet Ertegun, James Brown
Jazz Globe in the Eternal City: 3rd edition of Jerusalem International Jazz Festival reviewed

#2/3-2013 (55/56):
On the cover: David Goloshokin (cover photo by Evgeny Eliner)
the director of St.Petersburg Jazz Philharmonic Hall turns 70
The Happiest Jazzman in the World: David Goloshokin interviewed (by Anna Filipieva)
Boris Frumkin's Jazz Life
Russian pianist and current leader of the Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra, Russia's oldest big band, interviewed (by Cyril Moshkow)
Jazz Travel. North Sea Jazz 2014: A Herculean Task of Choice
Robert Bagdasarov and Elina Samoilenko review the gargantuan Rotterdam festival in words and photos
Musician's Tales. Alexei Shubin: The Stage From Piano Tuner's Point of View
Moscow-based piano tuner and accredited Rhodes piano technician shares several stories from his years of experience
The Capital of Jazz. Meanwhile in New York: spring
Jazz.Ru reinstalls the regular New York news column, now with Andrey Henkin as columnist!
History. My Blue Bird: 50 years since the opening of the legendary Moscow jazz club, active 1964 to 2010 (by Mikhail Kull)
Behind the Stage: Rafail Tuishev, producer of the Rostov Jazz festival in southern Russia, interviewed on the occasion of his 75th birthday
The Discreet Charm of the Vinyl. History of Jazz LP Cover art, Chapter Five: Prestige Records (by Oleg Skvortsov)
ArtBeat. Anton Gorbunov: New Stories For E-Bass and Ensemble
Moscow-based electric bass virtuoso  interviewed before his new dual CD/DVD live release
Vijay Iyer: The Real I
Part of Europe Jazz Media text exchange program, this article from German magazine Jazzthetik reveals the details of the famed NYC-based Indo-American pianist's debut on ECM
The Life and Fate of Drummer Boris Bagdasarov
Moscow-based pianist Yakov Okun interviews Russia's oldest working jazz drummer who just turned 87
History. "St. Louis Blues": A Centennial
Vladimir Feyertag about the history of the W.C.Handy's evergreen title
In Memoriam. Pianist Horace Silver, bassist Charlie Haden, pioneer Russian jazz vocalist Nonna Sukhanova
Russian Real Book: piece by pianist Eldar Djangirov

#1-2013 (54):
On the cover: Dave Holland, headliner of the Triumph of Jazz Festival in Moscow
Interviewed: Igor Butman - "We Have Talented Cadre To Conquer The World With".
Russia's leading bandleader interviewed after Moscow State Big Band's North American tour.
Jazz Travels. Tampere Jazz Happening: continuity as a sign of excellence
Jazz.Ru editor Cyril Moshkow reviews Finland's most artistically daring jazz event
The Capital of Jazz. Meanwhile in New York: winter
Jazz.Ru reinstalls the regular New York news column, now with Andrey Henkin as columnist!
The Legendary. Alexei Zoubov: Soviet Jazz legend from L.A.
A big biographical interview with renowned Russian saxophonist who visited his native Moscow for the first time since his emigration in mid-1980s.
The Fate. Nathan Leites: The American Adventures
The legendary, late staple of Leningrad jazz scene, Nathan Leites (1937-2013) tells the story of his unlikely mid-1990s U.S. anabasis in this chapter from his massive last interview, taken by Jazz.Ru Magazine's Anna Filipieva
The Discreet Charm of the Vinyl. History of Jazz LP Cover art, Chapter Five: Reid Miles (by Oleg Skvortsov)
Maxim Gorky, America, and Jazz: Vladimir Feyertag reads the late Russian Stormbringer's Collected Correspondence and analyzes Gorky's views on music, epitomized in his infamous 1928 Music of the Fat People essay.
Russian Music and Jazz: An Unwritten Romance?
St.Petersburg-based musicologist Alexander Galitzky muses on mutual influences between Jazz and Russian classical music.
2014 Grammy jazz winners: an overview
Soviet Jazz: A Testimony. 1960s Moscow Jazz festivals on vinyl and on photo: Mikhail Kull comments on his own photo chronicle of the Jazz 67 and Jazz 68 festivals in Russian capital.
14th Triumph of Jazz festival in Moscow: Rudresh Mahanthappa and Dave Holland interviewed, by Gregory Durnovo.
ArtBeat. Moscow-based Ornament Trio: Third Rebirth, First Album - violinist Felix Lahuti interviewed
In Memoriam: producer Victor Livshitz; flugelhornist Igor Shirokov; professional rebel Amiri Baraka; pianist/bari sax player Vsevolod Danilochkin
Russian Real book: a piece by bassist Ark Ovrutsky


#5-2013 (51):
On the cover: John Zorn (cover photo by Peter Gannushkin)
the leader of the Downtown New York improv scene turns 60
Infrastructure: Odessa, Ukraine - Master Jam Fest
a new, unique format of a jazz competition/festival thoroughly reviewed, and commented by jury members, Cyril Moshkow and Vladimir Feyertag
Jazz Travels: Bergen, Norway - Natjazz
Gregory Durnovo reviews Norway's oldest jazz festival's 51st edition, and interviews Norwegian musicians, pianist Espen Eriksen and trumpet player Mathias Eick
History: pianist Victor Fridman, "Jazz In My Life"
a thorough memoir by a pianist who remains active on Moscow's jazz scene since his debut in early 1960s
Singer Anna Buturlina interviewed, by Eugenia Bragantseva
Jazz at the Hermitage Garden Festival: the 16th downtown Moscow festival's special inlay
News: young Russian musicians Alexey Ivannikov (piano) and Anastasia Volokitina (vocal) win prizes at, respectively, piano and  vocal jazz competitions during the Montreux Jazz Festival in Swinzerland / Pianist Leonid Vintskevich awarded by prestigious government prize in Russia / Europe Jazz Media Chart / American Jazz Radio chart / NEA 2014 Jazz Masters announced
ArtBeat: keyboardist and Russian folk music enthusiast Sergey Filatov interviewed (by Dmitri Filatov,) as ArtBeat Music label releases Filatov's duet album with guitarist Valery Kiss, and Filatov produces his EthnoSphere festival for ArtBeat-run Alexey Kozlov Club in Moscow this September
The Discreet Charm of Vinyl: Oleg Skvortsov with the 2nd installment of his Jazz Vinyl Covers History, this time on LP sleeve artist Jim Flora
Jazzed People: Anna Filipieva interviews Russian veteran jazz photographer Alexander Zabrin on the occasion of his photo album release, Alexander Zabrin's Triumph of Jazz
Usadba Jazz 2013 festival near Moscow reviewed, by Anna Filipieva and Constantine Volkov; bassist Avishai Cohen who headlined one of the festival's five stages interviewed by Gregory Durnovo
To mark Wayne Shorter's 80th birthday, Diana Kondrashin translates a chapter from Michelle Mercer's Footprints (announcing the forthcoming Russian edition of the book.)
Sergei Ryazantsev: "Every Saxophonist Sounds Different"
Anna Filipieva interviews Muscovite sax educator who raised two generations of Russian sax players, on the occasion of his 60th birthday
In Memoriam: pianist George Duke; Russian saxophonist Vitaly Kleinot; Estonian singer Silvi Vrait
Russian Real Book: piece by pianist Mikhail Kull

#3/4-2013 (49/50):
On the cover: Avshai Cohen (cover photo by Youri Lenquette) the headliner of the 10th International Usadba Jazz Festival in Archangelskoe near Moscow
Special 10th anniversary Usadba Jazz festival supplement:
an interview with Maria Syomushkina, Usadba Jazz producer
an overview of 2013 Usadba Jazz program
10 glorious years: snippets from Jazz.Ru coverage of the 2004-2012 Usadba Jazz festivals
Big Jazz: Russia's nationwide Kultura TV channel's "jazz reality show" analyzed
Jazz travel:
8th Jazz_Bishkek_Spring festival in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia
Jazzahead! 2013 - Bremen, Germany: Europe's jazz fair
50 Years With Joy And Love: Moscow jazz record producer Nikolay "Big Nick" Bogaichuk interviewed
A History Of A Person: Leningrad/St.Petersburg jazz enthusiast Nathan Leites in conversation with Jazz.Ru Magazine's associate editor Anna Filipieva; Nathan's personal collections spanning five decades of Leningrad jazz scene history moved to the Russian Jazz Research Center in Yaroslavl - the jazz archive road story!
The Discreet Charm Of Vinyl. The history of jazz album covers, vol. I - Alex Steinweiss, by Oleg Skvortsov.
In Memoriam: saxophonist Anatole Gerasimov (1945-2013)

#1-2013 (47):
On the cover: Dave Brubeck (cover photo by Pavel Korbut) as seen by, and spoken about, by his son, trombone and bass player Chris Brubeck
Peter Vostokov & The Big Jazz Orchestra play Tchaikovski/Ellington/Strayhorn: an interview with the leading trumpet player from Russia's younger jazz generation
9th Rostov Jazz Festival: Cyril Moshkow, Jazz.Ru editor, reviews the gathering of the southernmost regional Russian jazz scene
'RUSSIAN JAZZ': a two-volume hardcover collection of Jazz.Ru articles on Russian jazz is published in St.Petersburg
SibJazzFest-2012: a review of the Siberia's best jazz festival
Yuri Galkin: The British Graduate. Jazz.Ru interviews the bassist who recently returned to Moscow after a 7-year stint in London.
Marina Vishnyakova and her Atlantic Experience: Russian jazz violinist who gradually makes it in Philadelphia
Tampere Jazz Happening 2012: Anna Filipieva reviews Finland's grandest jazz festival
News From Helsinki: the presentation of Finnish jazz scene in Moscow reviewed
Sergey Khutas "Moscow...Sky": an interview with Russian bassist on his debut album as a leader
Saxophonist Nikolai Vinstkevich interviewed on his work with his father, pianist Leonid Vinskevich, and the role the Jazz Province festival (which he helps his father to produce) plays in their lives (by Anna Filipieva)
In Memoriam. Soviet jazz veteran saxophonist Emil Geigner passes away at 91; we also bid farewell to jazz radio host Moisei Rybak (1934-2013) and Siberian jazz drummer, Sergei Kushilkin (1962-2013)

#6/7, 2012: December, 2012
(cover clickable)
On the cover: Russian-American trumpet player Alex Sipiagin at the 15th Hermitage Garden Jazz Festival in Moscow (photo & interview by Anna Filipieva).
Ustuu Huree Living Faith & Music festival in Tuva (Eastern Russia): Yuri Lnogradski reports on the most unusual music experience in his life
The Discreet Charm of the Vinyl: Nick Shienok on The Jazz Composer’s Orchestra's «Communication»
Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival and its Secrets of Growth, as reviewed by Yuri Lnogradski.
Drummer Oleg Butman and pianist Natalia Smirnova interviewed on their partnership in music and life, and their second album, Runway
Doyen of Russian jazz critique, Vladimir Feyertag interviews saxophonists Kirill Bubyakin and Sergei Bogdanov who share the leadership in St.Petersburg's newest Jazz Philharmonic Big Band
Vladimir Nesterenko's Organ: ArtBeat Foundation releases the first-ever organ trio album in Russian jazz, Diana Kondrashina interviews the player
In Memoriam: Dave Brubeck, John Tchicai
Jazz Greats, a popular collection of jazz biographies and interviews edited by Jazz.Ru Magazine's Cyril Moshkow and co-authored by 14 Jazz.Ru writers, reissued by St.Petersburg-based Planet of Music company as a two-volume hardcover set
Interviewed in Moscow: pianist Hiromi and guitarist Pat Martino (both by  Grigory Durnovo)
John Cage and Jazz: The Love Story That Never Happened, by Roman Stolyar
90th Years of Jazz in Russia section:
- Semion Ginzburg, the Russian Jazzology Pioneer: the life story of a man who published the first book on jazz in Russian language in 1926
- How the new Kazan City Big Band led by Anatoly Vasilevski celebrated the 90th Russian Jazz Birthday (October 1, 2012) by a massive concert retrospective (as seen by Vladimir Feyertag)
- City of Taganrog installed a plaque on the birthplace of dancer/ bandleader/ poet Valentin Parnakh, the city's native, who pioneered Russian jazz in 1922
- Mikhail Kull summarizes his research on the 1st Moscow Jazz Festival which takes place exactly 50 years ago
- Soviet jazz superstar from the 1960s, trumpeter Andrei Tovmasian, celebrates his 70th birthday...
...and much more!

#4/5, 2012: August, 2012
(cover clickable)

On the cover: Jack DeJohnette celebrates his 70th birthday.
A failure as an experience: The Modern Intellectual Art Festival in Moscow, and its last-minute cancellation.
Joshua Redman premiered his Axis Saxophone Quartet in Moscow (+interview).
Jazz.Mansion Festival (Usadba.Jazz): the 9th edition in Moscow, the 2nd in St.Petersburg
How to run a label in our times: Norwegian saxophonist/record label executive Karl Seglem interviewed
Awards given: Jazz Awards (+the story of Russian photographer Pavel Korbut who was awarded for the Photo of the Year) and Jazz Masters 2013
St.Petersburg-based pianist Andrey Kondakov interviewed on the occasion of his 50th birthday
Dr.Laksminarayana Subramaniam: The World Fusion. Legendary Indian fusion violinist celebrates turns 65
A memoir by Alexander Salgannik, drummer from Moscow who celebrates his 80th birthday (currently a San Jose, CA resident,) on his jazz experience in the 1950s and 60s
Dmitry Ilugdin, Moscow-based pianist and composer, interviewed
Valby Summer Jazz festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, as witnessed by Sergei Bondarkov
Tomasz Szukalski, Polish saxophonist, passes away at 65
North Sea Jazz 2012, in words and pictures
VDU Jazz Connection festival in Kaunas, Lithuania: event profile...
...and much more!

#2/3, 2012: June, 2012
(cover clickable)

On the cover (photo by Anna Filipieva): saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa performs at the Jazzkaar festival in Tallinn, Estonia, as reviewed by Jazz.Ru editors Cyril Moshkow and Anna Filipieva
Jazz travels: Bergen, Norway - 40th Nattjazz Festival and Jazz Norway in a Nutshell showcase, as witnessed by Cyril Moshkov
Jazz education, Philly way: an interview with Don Glanden, of Philadelphia's UArts Jazz Program
Herbie Hancock interviewed in Moscow during his Russian tour
The International Jazz Day: saxophonist Igor Butman on the inaugural celebration in Paris
Bassist Christian McBride in Moscow: a concert review
St.Petersburg improv drummer Alexander Ragazanov tells his life story in an extensive interview
The Young Scene. Pianist Alexey Ivannikov: "There's nothing you can do in New York City if your eyes aren't glowing"
12th Triumph of Jazz Festival reviewed
Saxophonist Oleg Kireyev awarded with the People's Artist honorary title in his native Russian republic of Bashkortostan
Soviet jazz veteran, saxophonist Alexey Kozlov opens his own club in Moscow at 77
ArtBeat: composer/producer/bassist Alex Rostotsky on his African tour
The Russian Trail leads Leo Records to Russia: Leo Records Festival in three major Russian cities unites Soviet avant-garde veterans and the new generation of the Russian improv scene... and much more!

#1-2012: February, 2012
(cover clickable)


On the cover (photo by Pavel Korbout): saxophonist James Carter, as interviewed by Jazz.Ru editor Cyril Moshkow on the day of Carter's performance in Moscow.
Jazz travels: Anna Filipieva reviews the 31st Tampere Jazz Happening; Anna Filipieva and Cyril Moshkow travel to the Holy Land in a pilgrimage to the 8th Jerusalem Jazz Globus Festival.
Improvisation on Glass: Grigory Durnovo on a unique project that brought together in Tallinn, Estonia, Norwegian musicians Terje Isungset and Arve Henriksen with Estonian glass artists
ArtBeat: the Presidential Manifesto - Russian jazz vet Alexey Kozlov on his new culture initiatives foundation
Yuri Markin: "Interested in Jazz Because It's A Music That Lives" - bassist, pianist, and composer from Moscow reflects on his life in music as he reaches 75
In Memoriam: Bob Brookmeyer, Etta James, and veteran Leningrad drummer Valery Mysovsky
Grammy 2012: are the jazz winners reflecting something? Anything?
Moscow-based pianist Lev Kushnir celebrates his 50th birthday and shares his survival strategies, in an extensive interview
Anna Filipieva on bassist William Parker as he visits Russia
Russian Real Book: a theme by saxophonist Dmitry "Bobeen" Aleksandrov (currently with Kiev Big Band )... and much more!

#6/7-2011 released in December, 2011
(cover clickable)


On the cover (photo by Pavel Korbout): reeds master Ken Vandermark, with an extensive interview by Grigory Durnovo, and Martian Chronicles from Ken Vandermark - Paal Nilseen-Love Duo performances in Russia. St.Petersburg-based jazz historian, critic, radio presenter, festival producer, Russia's favorite on-stage festival host and book author, Vladimir Feyertag, turns 80; would you believe that? - in a massive interview, by Anna Filipieva. Soviet jazz pioneer, pianist, composer, and bandleader Alexander Tsfasman would be 105 in December; a life's story synonymous with Soviet Jazz history. Ladislav "Laczy" Olah @100: from Hungary non-stop to Gulag, and on to the Soviet jazz Hall of Fame - the story of the most prominent drummer in early Russian jazz, by Andrei Solovyov. Festivals in review: SibJazzFest in Novosibirsk, Russia (by Kim Voloshin); Jazz in Kiev, Ukraine (by Grigory Durnovo, including an interview with Carla Bley and Steve Swallow); EDGEFEST in Ann Arbor, MI (by Roman Stolyar); and Belgrade Jazz Festival, Serbia (by Tanya Balakyrska). Saxophonist Igor Butman celebrates his 50th birthday at the 6,000-seat Kremlin Palace Theater in Moscow: the house sold out as the American jazz stars sat in. The Secret of His Playing: R.I.P. drummer Paul Motian (1931-2011). Jazz Province on the move: Russia's only moving jazz festival still on the road, after 15 years. No Listeners In Your Home Country? - producer and journalist Yuri Lnogradski replies to a controversial statement by pianist Eugene Sivtsov from the previous Jazz.Ru issue. Russian Real Book: a theme by bassist Vitaly Solomonov (currently with Igor Butman Big Band and quartet)... and much more!

#4/5-2011 released in October, 2011
(cover clickable)


On the cover (photo by Pavel Korbout): pianist Leszek Mozdzer, The Face of Polish Jazz. Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk on the mighty Enisei river re-launches local jazz festival with 30 years of history, this year under the new name: EniJazz. 14th Jazz at the Hermitage Garden festival opened Moscow's 89th jazz concert season. Sounds of Gibraltar Strait: Alex Belyaev reviews the TANJAzz festival in Tangiers, Morocco. Guitarist Russsel Malone interviewed in Moscow. The first documentary about Valentin Parnakh, the pioneer of Russian jazz, released. Why going to America? - Pyotr Gazarov interviews several young Russian jazz musicians about their experience in the U.S.; saxophonist Nikolay Moiseenko reflects on his own American years; Manhattan School of Music's Jazz Program chair, Justin DiCioccio, interviewed. "Pops. The Life of Louis Armstrong": we present the forthcoming Russian translation of Terry Teachout's book. Bassist Vladimir Volkov interviewed. In Memoriam: arranger Pete Rugolo. The first Vladimir Rezitsky Festival in Archangelsk celebrates the memory and legacy of the late saxophonist, ten years after his untimely passing. Russian Jazz Research Center unveils its first acquisitions. Saxophonist Igor Butman's theme in our Russian Real Book section marks the famed Russia musician's 50th birthday... and much more!

#3-2011 released in August, 2011
(cover clickable)


On the cover (photo by Pavel Korbout): 75 years of independence - Herman Lukianov, the leading Russian jazz composer and bandleader in the 1960s and 1970s, turns 75 and works on new music with a new band! Valery Mysovsky's Blues for a Few: St.Petersburg-based drummer and co-author of the first Russian jazz book (1960) turns 80, and shares excerpts from his autobiography. Jazz Travels: the 50th Molde Jazz Festival in Norway - the music keeps playing. From the history: Half a Century Ago - Mikhail Kull tells the story of the first Moscow jazz clubs, opened in late 1961. Lviv, Ukraine: Debut Level Confirmed - the city's first Alpha Jazz Fest reviewed by Viachek Kryshtofovych, Jr. Doing Her Thang: vocalist and producer Alina Rostotskaya interviewed by Tanya Balakyrska. New books: Leonid Pereverzev's posthumous collection of works (An Offering To Ellington, and Other Jazz Texts) released in St.Petersburg. Jazz Travels: Cyril Moshkow reviews the 7th Bari in Jazz festival (Bari, Italy). In Memoriam. Sax man Frank Foster (1928-2011)... and much more!

#2-2011 released in July, 2001
(cover clickable)


On the cover (photo by Pavel Korbout): Chick Corea Turns 70: the great pianist's memorable appearance in Moscow with Gary Burton. Jazz April in Ufa: Bashkortostan Republic, member of the Russian Federation, is first in Russia to join the JAM (Jazz Appreciation Month). Tallinn Music Week: in the kitchen - Yuri Lnogradski on the Estonian capital's jazz showcase, and how it worked. The Vintskevich Phenomenon: Leonid Vintskevich, acclaimed pianist/composer and the artistic director for Jazz Province, Central Russia's premier moving festival, in an extensive interview by Anna Filipieva. Vladimir Tolkachov, The Hard Man: the life story of Siberia's famous bandleader, as told by himself on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Bremen and the musicians: jazzahead! showcase in Germany is gaining momentum, as observed by Gregory Durnovo. The Dutch Recipe: European jazz model with its highs and lows, as viewed during the Gateway to Dutch Jazz showcase in Amersfoort, Netherlands... and much more!

#1-2011 released in April, 2001
(cover clickable)


On the cover (photo by Gulnara Khamatova): Joshua Redman at the Triumph of Jazz festival in Moscow, Russia, 2011 (a complete estival review inside). Tampere Jazz Happening: the revolution is going on, as reported by Cyril Moshkow. Education: ISIM (International Society for Improvised Music) 5th conference, viewed by Roman Stolyar. Grammy Awards 2011: Esperanza Spalding's unexpected triumph, and the complete list of jazz winners. Jazz environment: Norway's Jazzkirken (Jazz Church), in an intense first-hand analysis by Yuri Lnogradski. In Memoriam: Dr. Billy Taylor (1921-2010); Dr. Billy Taylor's Mysterious Sounds session with Larry Appelbaum. Russian Jazz History: Sergey Belichenko unveils funny and heroic in his memoirs on 1960s jazz movement in Siberia. Portrait: Russian-German trumpet player Igor Shirokov - a life of a jazz champion. In Memoriam: pianist George Shearing (1919-2011)... and much more!

#6/7-2010 released on December 4, 2010! 
(cover clickable)


On the cover: Mike Stern in Siberia? Unfold the story of the new SibJazzFest in Novosibirsk, Siberia's unofficial capital!
This issue's featured story: How To Make A Jazz Festival? Alongside Siberian Jazz Festival, thoroughly covered by Anna Filipieva, we also have several more festival stories in store: Larry Appelbaum tells the story of the Molde Jazz Festival in Norway; Gregory Durnovo portraits the exotic TANJAzz in Tangier, Morocco; other writers review Moscow's Hermitage Garden Jazz Festival, Austria's Chilli Jazz, and September in Tikhvin in Northwestern Russia; Cyril Moshkow interviews George Wein, the inventor of all jazz festivals, for the occasion of his 85th birthday; and Yuri "Ge-or-Ge" Lnogradski tells the epic multi-layered tale of Silda Jazz in Norway!
Also in this issue: interviewed - drummer Oleg Yudanov, of the Archangelsk Jazz Group fame; the godfather of Russian jazz rock fusion, sax man Alexey Kozlov, who turns 75; Ellington alumnus, flautist and saxophonist Anatole Gerasimov; pianist Igor Volodin speaks about his new album, Quiet Light... and much more!

#5-2010 released on September 21, 2010! 
(cover clickable)


On the cover: Anna Buturlina, the brightest star of Russian Jazz Vocal, in an extensive interview by Anna Filipieva. Russia's premier trombonist, Max Piganov, tells his life story. Jazz Travels: TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, by Larry Appelbaum. Introducing Eugene Lebedev, Russia's rising jazz piano star, and his latest album «From East To West». Ashley Kahn's «Kind Of Blue» released in Russian translation. Two young Russians' success on Montreaux Jazz Competitions: pianist Nikolay Sidorenko and vocalist Yulianna Rogacheva interviewed. On the Rise: Estonia's new voice in jazz - bassist Peedu Kaas. Festival review: Don Chento Jazz Festival in Kaliningrad, Western Russia. Clarinetist Ben Goldberg of Tin Hat interviewed... and much more!

#3/4-2010 released on August 5, 2010!
(cover clickable)


On the cover: John Abbott's portrait of Hank Jones, accompanying "The Last of Joneses," a feature story about Hank's long and fruitful life in music. Festival chronicles: extensive reviews of the Moscow's "Mansion.Jazz", Tallin's Jazzkaar and Plios Jazz Festival in rural part of Northern Russia. The National Jazz Guide: Republic of Belarus - a review of jazz history (including a story about the centennial of Eddie Rosner, the founder of jazz in Belarus,) today's jazz scene, and the state of jazz education in Belarus. Jazz Awards 2010: an overview, including the triumph of our staff photographer Lena Adasheva, who won the Photo of the Year award. Vienna Art Orchestra: game over. Seattle's Real Poets: Yuri Lnogradski interviews Dennis Rea and Jay Jaskot. Roy Haynes and the Fountain of Youth: Diana Kondrashina attends the 85th birthday celebration of the legendary drummer in NYC. Pianist Valery Grokhovsky at 50: "It's so easy to vulgarize the classics!" Kurt Gottschalk's New York Is Now. Space Vibrations in the capital of Siberia: Roman Stolyar interviews Matthew Shipp after the latter's concert with Sabir Mateen in Novosibirsk. Bassist Dominic Duval interviewed by Maxim Micheliov. Young Scene: Pianist Grigory Sandomirsky. In Memoriam: Rob McConnell, Fred Anderson, Lena Horne, Joya Sherrill. Russians Keep Coming: pianist Nikolay Sidorenko wins Montreux Jazz Festival's Boesendorfer Solo Piano Competition, singer Yuliana Rogacheva takes home the Listeners Prize from the Shure Montreaux Jazz Voice Competition... and much more!

#2-2010 released on May 12, 2010!
(cover clickable)

On the cover: New Albums: Oleg Kireyev – Keith Javors «Rhyme & Reason». Triumph of Jazz headliners interviewed: Mike Stern, Lionel Loueke, McCoy Tyner.  Remembering Leonid Utiosov, the Mega-Star of the Soviet Jazz, on the occasion of his 115th birthday. New Names on the Russian scene: from the tiny Northern town of Tikhvin - pianist Igor Volodin. Vahag Hairaperian, Armenia's most popular jazz pianist: "I cannot be without music" Moscow-based art fusion group Marimba Plus celebrates its 10th birthday. Kurt Gottschalk's New York Is Now. Uri Caine in Moscow: an interview. The Empress of the Blues: Bessie Smith (from Cyril Moshkow's forthcoming book, The Blues. Introduction to a History.) Young trumpet players competition: a voice from the jury. New Albums: Dmitri Kolesnik & HMK trio: «Russian Caravan» Young Scene: extreme sax improv from Ilya Belorukov. In Memoriam: Gene Lees, Herb Ellis, Mike Zwerin. Russian Real Book: a theme from trumpet player Alex Fisher.

#1-2010 released on March 22, 2010!
(cover clickable)

On the cover: Bobby McFerrin presented Bobble, his "improvised opera," with seventeen improvising vocalists from all over the world at the Moscow House of Music. Jazz.Ru turns 12: a review of our birthday festival. JazzBez: Ukraine's most colorful jazz festival. Legendary leader of Soviet free jazz movement, Slava Ganelin, turns 65: an interview from his current hometown, Jerusalem. From ISIM conference in Santa Cruz, CA: hopes and perspectives of the world improv community. In Memoriam: sir John Dankworth. Sound Mystery as solved by Valery Ponomarev. Kurt Gottschalk's New York Is Now. Evgeny Grechishev, pianist and educator, interviewed. The Village Vanguard turns 75. Armenian jazz pianist and producer, Levon "Malkhas" Malkhasian, turns 65: an interview from Yerevan. Hungarian Jazz Showcase: an overview. Mikhail Mitropolsky, Radio Russia's jazz host, at 65: "An advanced listener." The Empress of the Blues: Bessie Smith (from Cyril Moshkow's forthcoming book, The Blues. Introduction to a History.) Young scene: sax man Lenny Sendersky. In memoriam: George Garanian, veteran of the 1960s Soviet jazz scene; Vladimir Tunik, St.Petersburg's most wanted drummer...

#6/7-2009 released on December 12, 2009!
(cover clickable)

On the cover: Russian jazz drummer Oleg Butman and his partner in life and music, pianist Natalia Smirnova, celebrate the release of Oleg's debut album as a leader, "Passion"
Jazz Travel: Jazz Scene of Washington, DC - an overview
Festivals reviewed: Jazz In Kiev, Belgrade Jazz Festival, Don Chento Jazz in Kaliningrad, Russia
Russian jazz critique pioneer, Alexei Batashev, turns 75
In Memoriam: composer George Russell; Russian jazz band and trumpet teacher, Eugene Savin
The First On The Path: Russian jazz musicology pioneer Valentina Konen's centennial
Hawk & Prez: premiere jazz saxophonists of the 20th century remembered
Interviewed: trumpet player Sergei Pron, bassist Anton Gorbunov, saxophonist Alexei Kruglov, Russia's jazz education tycoon Alexander Oseichuk, bassist Barry Guy
Russian Real Book in progress: Alexander Oseichuk's "For Elvin"

#4/5-2009 released on July 30, 2009!
(cover clickable)

On the cover: Russian jazz pianist, Igor Bril, the godfather of Russian jazz education, celebrates his 65th birthday while listening to "BRILliant Jazz", a compilation of his music performed by Russian jazz pianists - his former students
Jazz Travel: The Hague Jazz Festival, Netherlands; New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Louisiana, U.S.A; 20th JazzKaar Festival, Tallinn, Estonia
Russians Are Coming: Yuri Bashmet's orchestra and Igor Butman Big Band tour the U.S. premier concert venues together
The Epoch Man: Sun Ra' 95 birthday -- Sun Ra Arkestra 2004 tour in Russian Central Asia remembered
Butman Music: Russia's premier jazz sax man launches his own record label
Benny Goodman: A Centennial of a Legend
"Idealism Is Very Practical": Patricia Nicholson-Parker interviewed
Will Know: guitarist Hristo Vitchev
Moscow Concert Chronicles: 5th Le Jazz - the festival of French jazz; the Digital Primitives interviewed before their performance at Moscow's Dom; 6th Jazz.Estate outdoors festival in Arkhangelskoye estate near Moscow
Young Scene: SymFusion Orchestra, Moscow; singer Yuliana Rogachyova
In Memoriam: Russian jazz educators Mikhail Yesakov (1938-2009) and Aleksandr Bannykh (1945-2009); guitarist Yuri Tikhomirov (1951-2009)
JazzTimes: the end and the beginning?
Russian Real Book in progress: Alexei Tsiganov's "In The Middle Of The East"

#2-2009 released on April 21, 2009!
(cover clickable)

On the cover: renowned Russian composer/pianist Ivan Farmakovsky releases «Next To The Shadow» featuring Ryan Kisor, Igor Butman, Gene Jackson and Uggonna Okegvo
Jazz Travel: Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza, Havana, Cuba
Larry Appelbaum of the Library of the Congress speaks with  Radio Russia jazz host Mikhail Mitropolsky about the unearthed archive gems
From "The Offering To Duke": we commemorate Duke Ellington's 110th birthday by printing, for the first time, one chapter ("Sacred Concerts") from the late Russian jazzology pioneer Leonid Pereverzev's yet-unpublished lifetime work
Contact! -- Jazz.Ru's correspondent Zinaida Kartasheva visits the Institute of Jazz Studies in Newark, NJ
Matthew Shipp interviewed in Moscow
1st Moscow Young Jazz Vocalists Competition
The Moscow Jazz & Blues Jam Sessions Guide
Dialogues: horn virtuoso Arkady Shilkloper discusses various aspects of his work with Yekaterinburg jazz radio host Gennady Sakharov
George Avakian turns 90
Young Scene: Roman Sokolov, sax/flute
Russian Real Book in progress: Valery Ponomarev's "I Was Afraid You'd Never Call Me"

#1-2009 released on February 25, 2009!
(cover clickable)

On the cover: composer/producer/bassist Alex Rostotsky releases his album "Promenade with Mussorgsky" which embodies the idea of finding the Russian jazz identity.
Birthdays/History: Joe Pass, Lonnie Johnnson, J.J.Johnson, Benny Golson; Joshua Redman and James Carter a.k.a. The Young Lions
In the News: New jazz club opens on Arbat 10 in downtown Moscow; Grammy's jazz nominees and winners; Blue Note at 70;
Interviewed: Ethan Iverson and Reid Anderson of The Bad Plus discuss their newest album and tour while performing in Moscow; Polish saxophonist Macej Koczynski reveals Christian spiritual rooths of his music; Italian saxophonist Dimitri Grechi Espinoza tells the story of his large-form jazz suite featuring recitation by Amiri Baraka
Jazz Travels: 5th Jazz Globus Festival, Jerusalem, Israel - the celebration of the Russian heritage in Israeli jazz
Kurt Gottshalk's New York Is Now column
In Memoriam: David Fathead Newman, Hank Crawford, Freddie Hubbard
Young Scene: Muscovite baritone sax player Roman Sekachov
The Discreet Charm of Vinyl: more dusty grooves reviewed by Gennady Petrov and Nikolay Shienok
History: Russian saxophone education pioneer Aleskandr Rivchun (1914-1974) in the words of his son, jazz history professor Boris Rivchun, composer Anatoly Kroll and the late Soviet jazz advocate Yuri Saulsky
ISIM Improvisers' Forum in Denver: future envisioned
What Do We Play? - Yuri Chugunov's "Dedication to Chick" -- New Ork-based pianist Misha Tsiganov continues his task of building up the Russian Jazz Real Book

#8/9-2008 released on December 12, 2008! (cover clickable)


On the cover: pianist Ahmad Jamal to headline the Triumph of Jazz festival in Moscow
Special CD supplement for subscribers: MuzEnergo - the festival collection
Jazz Calendar 2009
Jazz Festivals worldwide reviewed: MuzEnergo in Dubna (Moscow Region), Jazz In Kiev (Ukraine), Belgrade Jazz Festival (Serbia), Stockholm Jazz Festival (Sweden), Siberian Jazz Games etc.
Interviewed: Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Bobo Stenson
Legends of Soviet Jazz: vocalist Datevik Hovannesian; Gennady Golstein, clarinet player, educator and bandleader
Birthdays: pianist Lyle Mays turns 55; drummer Gene Krupa would be 100
Kurt Gottshalk's New York Is Now
Young scene: Makar Novikov, bass
In Memoriam: Neal Hefti; Dave McKenna
Listening Recommendations from bassist Avishai Cohen
Caught In The Act: Joe McPhee/Roy Campbell's dedication to Albert Ayler in Moscow; Joe McPhee interviewed
Charles Gayle: in lieu of an interview

#7-2008 released on October 20, 2008! (cover clickable)


On the cover: Wayne Shorter turns 75!
Guitarist Alexey Kuznetsov celebrates his 50 years in jazz
Soviet jazz advocate, bandleader, and composer Yuri Saulski remembered on the occasion of his 80th birthday
The Cannonball Story: Julian Adderley would be 80 this year
Jazz Travels: International Association of Schools of Jazz meeting in Riga, Latvia
Worldwide Jazz Festivals Reviewed: Don Chento Jazz in Kaliningrad (Western Russia), Black Sea Festival in Sochi (Russia), Jazz at the Hermitage Garden (Moscow) etc.
Young scene: pianist Ivan Farmakovsky
What's The Problem Though? - musicians and critics continue to discuss the current state of how improvisation is taught
Listening Recommendations from pianist George Colligan
Russian Real Book: NYC-based pianist Misha Tsiganov continues the Book of Russian Jazz Standards project with Misha Piatigorsky's "Uncommon Circumstance"

#6-2008 released on August 15, 2008! (cover clickable)


On the cover: Alexey Kuznetsov, Russian jazz guitar veteran, celebrates his 50 years in jazz
Caught in the act: Bobby McFerrin in Moscow, John McLaughlin's 4th Dimension in Kaluga, Russia (concert review and interview), What A Wonderful World Festival in Chelyabinsk, Jazz.Mansion Festival in Arkhangelskoe Estate near Moscow
Birthdays: Eric Dolphy, Albert Mangelsdorff; Russian jazz composer and educator Yuri Chugunov turns 70
National Jazz Scene: Ukraine
Neighboring Realms: modern classical percussion godfather in Russia, Mark Pekarsky
In Memoriam: Hiram Bullock, Johnny Griffin, Bobby Durham, Esbjorn Svensson
The Discreet Charm of Vinyl: more dusty grooves reviewed
Kurt Gottshalk's New York Is Now
Young scene: Peter (Pyotr) Vostokov, trumpet

#4/5-2008 released on June 6, 2008! (cover clickable)


On the cover: pianist Leonid Vintskevich presents his international Russian-British-Swedish quartet and their freshest release, Songs From The Black Earth.
Saxophonist Paul Winter's return to Russia: after 20 years, he tours Russia with the famed Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble, reveals his feelings in an extensive interview with Cyril Moshkow
Bobby McFerrin in his own words: Tatyana Balakirsky interviews The Voice
Birthdays: Bela Fleck, Philly Joe Jones, Lee Morgan, Paquito D'Rivera
Neighboring Realms: modern classical percussion godfather in Russia, Mark Pekarsky
In Memoriam: Jimmy Guiffre
The Discreet Charm of Vinyl: dusty grooves reviewed
Kurt Gottshalk's New York Is Now
Young scene: Perspectives and Problems of Student Big Bands
Jazzed People: photographer Peter Gannushkin (New York)
Jazz Travels: Jazz symposium in Poland
Discussed: Free music on a non-free scene
Russian Real Book: NYC-based pianist Misha Tsiganov starts to build the Book of Russian Jazz Standards with Nick Levinovsky's "Kind Of Red"

#3-2008 released on April 28, 2008! (cover clickable)


On the cover: Anatoly Kroll Russian jazz bandleader and educator, celebrates his 6 th birthday
History Person: George Avakian
In Memoriam: producer Teo Macero
Birthdays: Jan Hammer, Carla Bley, Lionel Hampton, Maynard Ferguson, Freddie Hubbard, Larry Coryell
Caught in the act: Dianne Schuur, Hendrik Meurkens, Sonore, David Murray
Comeback: composer and brass player Guerman Lukianov releases his new album after 20 years of silence
Kurt Gottshalk's New York Is Now
Soviet jazz legends: reedist Vladimir Sermakashev a.k.a. Vlad West
Listening Recommendations from Al Jarreau


Caught in the act: William Parker Quartet, Al Jarreau, Eric Marienthal, The Thing in Moscow and Mats Gustafsson personally - in Vilnuis, Lithuania;
Interviewed: Swedish hew jazz reedist Mats Gustafsson, Austrian saxophonist/educator Karlheinz Miklin
Remembered: Soviet jazz education pioneer Yuri Kozyrev (1933-2006)
Celebrated: trumpeter Bix Beiderbecke's 105, pianist Maian McPartland's 90, bandleader Thad Jones' 85, bandleader Quincy Jones' 75 and saxophonist Charles Lloyd's 70
Reviewed: 8th Triumph of Jazz Festival (Moscow); Jazz Piano Competition in Moscow
Recommended: guitarist Chuck Loeb shares his Desert Island picks
Wisdom Shared: Moscow-based drummers Sasha Mashin and Peter Talalay discuss The Drummer's Fate
At A Glance: jazz photographer Vladimir Korobitsyn


In the 1st (10th) issue:
Jazz.Ru first anniversary celebration in Moscow: a hit!
Saxophonist Stas Grigoriev (1938-2002) remembered
Vilnius City Jazz 2007 Festival in Lithuania reviewed
Jazz Travels: Tatyana Balakirsky reviews the Christmas Jazz Festival in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia
Veteran saxophonist Alexey Kozlov continues his explorations of the phenomenon of improvisation in his special column
Master class: Muscovite Drummers Sasha Mashin and Pyotr Talalay discuss The Fate Of A Drummer
Guitarist Mike Stern turns 55
"God has everything": saxophonist and jazz club director Oleg Kireyev interviewed
Violinist Tanya Kalmanovich in a discussion on jazz/non-jazz topics with Yuri Lnogradski
A Father's Son Story: Bruce Raeburn of Hogan Jazz Archive in New Orleans tells the story of his life, his father Boyd Raeburn, and the Archive
In Memoriam: Oscar Peterson (1925-2007), Pete Candoli (1923-2008)
Listening Recommendations by bassist WIlliam Parker and trumpet player Lewis Barns
CD reviews
Veteran jazz critic Vladimir Feyertag kicks off his personal column in the magazine by a discussion about the local jazz scene in ancient Russian city of Yaroslavl with local jazz promoter and enthusiast Igor Gavrilov
Introduce Yourself: vocalist Aleksandr Andreyev
Kurt Gottshalk's New York Is Now section

In the 8/9th double issue:
Igor Butman, Russia's Prime Sax Man, Signs With Sony Classical; his debut album on the renowned international label, Magic Land, features Chick Corea on piano, John Patitucci on the bass, Jack DeJohnette on the drums (who also produced the album), Stefon Harris on the vibes, and Randy Brecker on trumpet
Marc Ribot in Moscow, as seen by our youngest writer Sergey Bondarkov, 18
Alexander Oseichuk, Russia's jazz education tycoon, discusses the good and the bad in Russian music education system with Anna FIlipieva
Swedish filmmaker Kasper Collin tells the story of his documentary "My Name Is Albert Ayler"
Bass guitar virtuoso Victor Bailey: a non-teacher's master class, by Tatyana Balakirsky
Ken Vandermark Resonance Project in Eastern Europe, as seen in Lviv, Ukraine
Strictly: Jazz - Serbian jazz enthusiasts successfully re-launch the Belgrade Jazz Festival, once the biggest in Southeastern Europe (reviewed by Cyril Moshkow)
Anatoly Vapirov turns 60: Mikhail Mitropolsky interviews the Russian-Bulgarian new jazz and modern classical music veteran
Miroslav Vitious: a Bassist's Tale
Jazz Improvizacija: jazz piano competition in Vilnius, Lithuania
...and much more, including a CD COMPILATION SUPPLEMENT "WHO WE WRITE ABOUT"!

In the 7th issue:
Joe Zawinul dies in Vienna: an overview of the great jazz rock fusion pioneer's life, plus fragments of his interviews while in Russia (2002-2003).
Dizzie's Cheeks and Trumpet: how the latter influenced the development of the former, and how Dizzie's horn got twisted
Thelonious Monk and the role of Pannonica de Koeningswarter in his life
Lithuanian composer, bandleader, and keyboard player Dainius Pulauskas interviewed by Anna Filipieva
Archie Shepp in Moscow: and avant-gardist's look, by Andrey Solovyov
Sax man Alexey Kozlov, the Soviet jazz veteran, launches his bimonthly column
Drummer Paul Wertico discusses his teaching experience with Cyril Moshkow: "Give Students A Chance"
Jazz in Global Imagination Conference at the Columbia University in New York City: a panelist's report
...and more!


In the 6th issue:
Jazz.Ru kicks off an article exchange program with Jazz.Pt, our Portuguese brothers-in-arms: Rui Eduardo Paes of Jazz.Pt interviews reedist Ken Vandermark and bassist Adam Lane
Vocalist Kurt Elling interviewed by Tatyana Balakirsky
The Epoch Man: drummer Max Roach (1924-2007)
3rd Union of Composers Jazz Festival and Jazz at the Hermitage Garden Festival in Moscow reviewed
Jazz Travel: Jazz em Agosto festival in Lisbon, Portugal
Azerbaijan jazz scene: an overview by Rovshan Sananoglu
Keith Jarrett: scandal in Peruggia
Drummer Lenny White shares his listening recommendations
Jazz Clinic: bassist Anton Revniouk shares his playing secrets
Siberian bandleader Vladimir Tolkachov discusses various aspects of jazz musicianship
In Memoriam: Arkady Petrov, the doyen of Russian jazz critique

#5 released in mid-August, 2007! (cover clickable)


In the 5th issue:
Paul Nillsen-Love: the drummer we ought to know speaks up
Russian jazz vet Guerman Lukianov, 70, plays live on the nationwide Culture Radio with his Kadans Millenium band
Jazz Mansion Festival in Archangelskoe Estate near Moscow: trends, tendencies, and bassists headliners
Dizzy Gillespie All Stars tear Moscow audiences to pieces: how did they do that (an analysis)
Moscow's Composers Union Club quickly makes it to the leadership on Russian capital's club scene: Mikhail Mitropolsky tells how
Bassist Avishai Cohen: "There is nothing else I could ask for" - an interview
Listening recommendations from trumpet player Paolo Fresu
The Man-Era: John Coltrane (1926-2007) - the chronology of a Visionary life; the Soprano story, or how Trane acquired his second horn
He could be 60 today: colleagues and pupils remember the great bass player and educator, Anatole Sobolev
New & fresh: pianist Alexey Nadjarov and his NJazz band
30 years since the disastrous fire at the Rossiya Hotel in Moscow: former hotel jazz band trumpet player Andrey Tovmasian remembers the dreadful night of his own escape from the fire and the death of bassist Ivan Vasenin
Jazz tourism: Radio Russia's jazz host Alexey Kolosov comes up with the Russia-Poland Jazz Train idea

...and much more!

# 4, June-July, 2007
(cover clickable)


Do what you do, and the rest is history:  pianist and producer Daniil Kramer reveals the secrets of his chain philharmonic concert series franchise that covers half of Russia
Upcoming festival: Don Chento, Kaliningrad, the most Western part of Russia
Jazz tourism: Jazzkaar 2007 festival in Tallinn, Estonia
Vets speaking: trumpet master SLava Guyvoronsky (on the cover) turns 60
Caught in Russia: Leo Feigin (of Leo Records); drummer Adam Nussbaum
Recommended Listening from trumpet player Claudio Roditi
Performance reviews: Billy Cobham & Alex Rostotsky in Moscow and Voronezh; Mike Stern in Kyiv; Jazz over the Baikal Lake (festival in Irkutsk); Russian Stars, World Jazz festival in Moscow
Jazz Experience: Russian pianist Misha Tsiganov (Chico Freeman group etc.) speaks about his story of incorporating himself in New York City jazz scene
Young scene: meet the bunch of brilliant jazz pianists from the Russian Academy of Music, introduced by their mentor, godfather of Russian jazz education, People's Artist of Russia, Mr. Igor Bril!

...and much more!

#3 available since April 18, 2007! (cover clickable)


In the 3rd  issue:
Do what you do, and the rest is history: Sergey Belichenko, the Siberian jazz producer, turns 60
Not only a performer: pianist and producer Daniil Kramer and his computer games craze
Upcoming festival: MaMaKaBo
National jazz scenes: Jazz in the Netherlands, by Dmitry Ukhov
Vets speaking: Alexey Kozlov, godfather of Soviet jazz rock fusion
The Man-Era: Reading A Legend: Toots Thielemans at 80
Recommended Listening from vocalist Anna Buturlina
Performance reviews: Vocal Zone Festiva; Triumph of Jazz Festival in Moscow; Mark Soskin performs Sonny Rollins in Kyiv, Ukraine
Jazz Experience: pianist Mikhail Kull presents fragments from his forthcoming memories book "Grades of Ascension"
Young scene: meet the sensational vocal ensemble from the ancient city of Kazan, Russia - The Jukebox Trio!

...and much more!



In the 2nd  issue:
Do what you do, and the rest is history: Doc Skinner, executive director of the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival in 1976-2006; director emeritus, 2006-2007
Not only a performer: bassist, composer and artist Alex Rostotsky presents his drawings
Upcoming festival: Triumph of Jazz, Moscow, 8th edition
National jazz scenes around Russia: Armenian Jazz approaches its 60th anniversary
Vets speaking: Moscow-born, LA-based - for sax man Alexei Zoubov's 70th birthday
The Man-Era: Nine Incarnations of Mahavishnu - for John McLaughlin's 65th birthday
Recommended Listening from horn virtuoso Arkady Shilkloper
Performance reviews: Particia Barber, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Baltic Jazz Festival
Farewells: Michael Brecker, Alice Coltrane...
Russian jazz educators in America: "Three Weeks in JazzCatraz" (2)

...and much more!

Jazz.Ru launched the first printed jazz magazine in Moscow, proudly titled Jazz.Ru Magazine: #1 cover available! (cover clickable)

The 1st issue has been presented at the Moscow House of Journalists on December 16, 2006.

In the first issue:
Jazz Messenger Valery Ponomarev: new album, new book... and an arm broken when the musician tried to protect his horn from the rabid Paris airport police!
National jazz scenes around Russia: Lithuanian jazz overgrows the initial impulse of Vilnius jazz school that lasted for three decades
Jazz clubs in Moscow: a brief guide
Young scene: Vadim Neselovskyi (Gary Burton's Next Generation)
Russian jazz educators in America: "Three Weeks in JazzCatraz"
...and much more!


#374, December 14, 2006
pictured: Patricia Barber, Moscow, 2006 (by Pavel Korbout)
Patricia Barber's first visit to Russia: Moscow performance reviewed by Tatiana Balakirsky
In Memoriam: Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra drummer in 1965-1995, Ivan Yurchenko, dies at 64.
Grammy's Jazz nominees: the complete list
Bandleader Jay McShann, 91, dies
Igor Butman at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola, NYC
Reviews: Joe Lovano Ensemble, Huntsville
Jazz.Ru Magazine: come join us at the Release party at the Moscow House of Journalists on December 16!

#373, December 7, 2006
pictured: Dee Dee Bridgewater, Moscow, 2006 (by Pavel Korbout)
Dee Dee Bridgewater in Moscow: Tatyana Balakirsky reviews the Diva's concert at the House of Music
After 22 years in emigration, Russian sax great Alexey Zoubov, now LA resident, performs in Moscow and celebrates his 70th birthday in his hometown
Patricia Barber to perform in Moscow and St.Petersburg
Young scene: Muscovite electric violinist Felix Lahuti interviewed
Guitarist Kenny Burrell's 75th birthday celebrated in LA
Django d'Or, the French jazz prize, awarded in Paris
Russian vocalist Yana Tulkova wins the Fisterwalde Pop/Jazz vocal contest in Germany
Jazz.Ru Magazine: already in print - come celebrate to the Release party at the Moscow House of Journalists on December 16!

#372, November 29, 2006
pictured: German pianist Uli Lenz at the 1st Baltic Jazz Festival, Moscow, 2006
1st Baltic Jazz Festival in Moscow: German pianist Uli Lenz, Estonian-Danish-Swedish improv fusion trio The Dynamite Vikings and other European innovators caught in action
Blues from Belarus: Svet Boogie Band in Moscow - a picture story
Ku-Umba Frank Lacy to tour Russia again
Brad Mehldau to perform a concert at Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow
Russian jazz innovator Alexander Tsfasman's centennial to be celebrated at the famed venue of his 1930s triumph, the House of Unions, featuring a ghost band from the city of Saratov, original arrangements and sound carefully restored
Guitarist Dean Brown to play at Moscow's Le Club
Singer Anita O'Day dies
Take 6 and Oleg Lundstrem Memorial Orchestra celebrate the late Russian jazz great's 90th birthday in Moscow

#371, November 22, 2006
pictured: Kenny Barron, Moscow, 2006
Jazz.Ru launches the first printed jazz magazine in Moscow, proudly titled Jazz.Ru Magazine
Kenny Barron Trio live at the Moscow House of Music: concert reviewed
City of Archangelsk to host ethno jazz/world music festival
Dee Dee Bridgewater to perform a charity "J'ai deux amours" concert in Moscow
St. Petersburg's Quadrat (Squared) Jazz Club, the oldest in Russia, invites to "Meetings Squared" Festival
Russian jazz pathfinder Alexander Tsfasman's 100th anniversary

#370, November 10, 2006
pictured: Georgy Garanian, 2000
Big Band Scandal: Georgy Garanian, the art director of Oleg Lundstrem Memorial Orchestra, fired; Garanian and the Orchestra management exchange accusations in the media; Garanian worked for four more orchestras, which was against his contract, claims the Orchestra management; I was fired against the law, says Garanian
Vilnius Jazz 2006: Nastassia Kostyukovich reviews the Eastern Europe's largest New Jazz festival in Lithuania; Misha Alperin at 50: our congratulations to the leader of Moscow Art Trio (currently Oslo, Norway resident); French trumpet player Serge Adam to perform in Moscow
The Jazz Province in Kursk: three days of jazz in the ancient city in central Russia reviewed

#369, November 2, 2006
pictured: Alexey Zoubov, LA, 2006
Alexei Zoubov, Russian jazz vet and currently a LA resident, to celebrate his 70th birthday in Moscow after 22 years in America, with famed pianist Milcho Leviev in the band
Harlem Gospel Choir to perform in five major cities of Russia
Moscow calling: Hiram Bullock Trio; singer Charenee Wade; Moscow's Marimba Plus ensemble to present their new Wooden Tones program; Russian jazzmen to perform at a charity concert in Moscow Youth Palace
The Real Group, Sweden's most famous a cappella collective, arrives in Moscow for a concert at the House of Music

Boris Kozlov#368, October 26, 2006
pictured: Boris Kozlov of the Mingus Dynasty, Moscow, October 23, 2006
The Mingus Dynasty live in Russia: Le Club performance reviewed
Famed pianist Kenny Barron to perform at the House of Music in Moscow
Jazz Voices Festival in Moscow: the program of the jazz vocal festival's 12th edition revealed
In Memoriam:  bandleader, arranger, composer Vladimir Starostin (1931-2006)
Sonny Rollins kicks off the 24th San Francisco Jazz Festival; the festival's further plans
3rd Jazz Globe Festival in Jerusalem, Israel, to feature many post-Soviet jazz musicians from around the globe

Vladimir Chekasin#367, October 19, 2006
pictured: Vladimir Chekasin (December, 2005)
Personality: saxophonist Vladimir Chekasin -- an attempt of a portrait
Pavel Korbout's jazz photo exhibition in Moscow
11th Jazz Province Festival: jazzmen from Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, and the U.S. to tour Kursk, Voronezh, and Lipetsk in central Russia
Baltic Jazz Festival in Moscow to feature musicians from Poland, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway
Moscow Calling: Ryan Kisor, Miles Griffith at Le Club, Odyssey Bogussevich to present his "Jazz Text" album at Scientists' House
In Memoriam: saxophonist Vladimir Tkalich
NEA Jazz Masters 2007: names revealed
Three books by Yefim Barban (Gerald Wood): "Jazz Portraits", "Jazz Dialogs," and "Contacts"
Moscow Art Trio (Misha Alperin, Arkady Shilkloper, Sergey Starostin) performs in Nizhny Novgorod with local symphony orchestra: Alperin, Starostin interviewed

Peter Brotzmann in Moscow#366, October 12, 2006
pictured: Peter Brötzmann live in Moscow, at the Long Arms Festival, October 2
Long Arms Festival reviewed (DOM Center, Moscow): Adam Klipple, Masahiko Satoh, Peter Brötzmann, Markus Stockhausen
Vilnius Jazz 2006: who plays what at Lithuania's oldest new jazz festival
Moscow Calling: The Mingus Dynasty, Nicholas Payton, France's David El-Malek to perform in Russian capital
Composer/saxophonist John Zorn and violinist Regina Carter awarded by Macarthur Foundation's "genius" fellowship
Bucharest International Jazz Competition: application deadline is February 10, 2007
Traditions Restored: after seven years in hiatus, the Jazz Improvisation Contest for Solo Piano in Vilnius, Lithuania happened again (by Laima Slepkovaite)

Alexey Chernakov#365, October 5, 2006
pictured: Alexey Chernakov, 18, of the Brubeck Institute's Open World Septet
Russian jazzmen in Brubeck Institute: Boris Yarmakhov tells the story of seven prominent young Russian jazz musicians staging in California, courtesy of Open World Leadership Program
Chick Corea - Gary Burton duo live in Moscow, Russia, as reviewed by Cyril Moshkow and Dmitry Bulychev
Dave Holland interviewed at 60: "Jazz is the music of personalities"
"Archangelsk Jazz Days 2006": Northern Russia's most influential mainstream jazz festival reviewed
In Memoriam: popular trad jazz drummer/singer Boris "Bob" Savin, 61, dies in Chelyabinsk, Ural Region
Festivals Coming Soon, Russia: Nizhny Novgorod, "Jazz Russia/Ethnosphere"; Tver, 2nd "Jazz Express in Tver"
Hungary's Grencso Bio Kollektiv to present their new album in Moscow
Prog/fusion guitarist Alexander Kostarev to play at Moscow's Central House of Artists
New York-based ex-Art Blakey Jazz Messengers trumpet player Valery Ponomarev inerviewed: horror story in Paris Airport -- French police breaks musician's arm as he refuses to check in his horn
Vienna, Austria: names of the 2006 European Jazz Award winners revealed
Big Jazz Weekend in Helsinki - Dmitri Ukhov reviews Finnish Jazz Weekend and European Jazz Network General Assembly in Helsinki, Finland

Valery Ponomarev#363-364, September 28, 2006
pictured: Valery Ponomarev, 2004 (by Cyril Moshkow)
French policemen break Valery Ponomarev's arm at the Charles-de-Gaulle Airport as the ex-Art Blakey Jazz Messengers trumpet player refuses to check in his horn
Jazz Koktebel 2006: Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham and others at the shores of the Black Sea in Koktebel, Ukraine
Moscow-based group The Second Approach interacts with German avant-garde drummer Klaus Kugel
Jazz on the Red Sea: 20th jazz festival in Eilat, Israel
Jazz concerts on TV Culture, Russia: Lionel Hampton, Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra
Alex Sipiagin and Boris Kozlov interviewed: Russian members of the Mingus Dynasty (trumpet and bass player, respectively) tell their stories

#362, September 14, 2006
pictured: Chick Corea performs at the Moscow Conservatory, 2001 (by Pavel Korbout)
Chick Corea/Gary Burton Duo to perform in Tbilisi (Georgia,) Moscow (Russia) and Kiev (Ukraine) during their 35th Anniversary Crystal Silence Tour
Polish sax veteran Ptaszyn Wróblewski Moscow performance, as seen by Anna Filipieva and Cyril Moshkow
Jazz Carnival 2006 starts in Odessa (Ukraine)
Russian Americans to perform at Moscow's Le Club: pianist Eugene Maslov; trumpet player Alex Sipiagin
Moscow's Radio Mayak to hold the 1st stage of the European Jazz Competition
Reviewed: Frequency, Humcrush, Jimmy Mohammed
Jazz concerts on TV Culture, Russia: Chick Corea/McCoy Tyner, Friedrich Gulda/Joe Zawinul and others
Paul Wertico interviewed: the renowned Chicagoan drummer speaks about his teaching experience

Alexey Kuznetsov#361, September 7, 2006
pictured: Alexey Kuznetsov performs at the Odessa Jazz Carnival in Odessa, Ukraine, 2001
Alexey Kuznetsov at 65: veteran jazz guitar player interviewed by Grigory Durnovo
Polish jazz great Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski (sax) tours Russia
Moscow International House of Music reveals its 2006/2007 Jazz Season
Dewey Redman dies at 75
CD Reviews: Paolo Fresu, MoHa!, Tied & Tickled Trio, Jamie Cullum
Jazz concerts on TV Culture, Russia: Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra, Modern Jazz Quartet etc.
Jazz in Russia: The Young Scene - Anna Filipieva interviews singer and piano player Katherine Chernousova

Andrey Razin#360, August 31, 2006
pictured: pianist Andrey Razin, of Second Approach Trio
Featured: Varna Summer 2006: surprising and non-surprising -- Milen Panayotov reviews Bulgaria's leading jazz festival (pt.2)
Summer Jam Festival in Kaluga, Russia, as reviewed by local authors
3rd International Jazz Festival in Yerevan, Armenia, as reviewed by Armen Manukian; including an interview with Al McKay (ex-Earth, Wind & Fire)
5th Black Sea Jazz Festival in Sochi, Russia: musicians' story
Lemme say! - Jazz at the Hermitage Gardens' producer Don Miguel Green reviews the inaccurate press accounts on his production
Maynard Ferguson, 78, dies in California
Jazz concerts on TV Culture, Russia: Stephane Grappelli, Michel Petrucciani etc.
The Second Approach Project brings German experimentalist drummer Klaus Kugel to perform together in Moscow and Kaluga, Russia

Alex Sipiagin#358-359, August 24, 2006
pictured: Alex Sipiagin performs in Moscow, Russia, at the Jazz at the Hermitage Gardens Festival
Featured: Konstantin Koreshkov reviews the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
In Memoriam: pianist Arkady Eskin (1939-2006)
Billy Cobham to perform in Moscow with Culture Mix
Three Weeks at Jazzcatraz, Pt.I: Roman Stolyar tells the story of the first Open World Leadership U.S. trip for Russian jazz educators
Duke Jordan dies at 84
Varna Summer 2006: surprising and non-surprising -- Milen Panayotov reviews Bulgaria's leading jazz festival
20th Annual Jazz On The Red Sea festival in Eilat, Israel
Live in Moscow: Jazz At The Hermitage Gardens, Moscow's oldest jazz open air festival, reviewed by Anna Filipieva and Cyril Moshkow

Bobeen Alexandrov & Randy Brecker#356-357, August 4, 2006
pictured: Dmitry "Bobeen" Alexandrov performs in Kyiv, Ukraine, with trumpeter Randy Brecker
Featured: Alexander Belyaev reviews the Stockholm Jazz Festival
Caught Live in Moscow: Kenny Garrett; The Clarke/Duke Project
Bobeen Speaks Jazz: an interview with Dmitry "Bobeen" Alexandrov, Ukraine's leading sax man (by Tatyana Balakirsky)
JazzQ As A Raisins Pie: a classical musicians' reflections of a jazz festival in St.Petersburg, by Alexandra Zhitinskaya
Summer Jam in Kaluga: Mikhail Mitropolsky reviews a jazz festival in an ancient Russian city
Pizza Jazz in Kaliningrad: local pizza chain to sponsor the new jazz festival in Russia's most western city
Nick Dmitriev Remembered: Moscow Avant-Garde Central, The DOM, to present the 3rd Long Arms Festival dedicated to the memory of Russia's leading new improvised music promoter
Congrats to young sax player Oleg Ostapchuk who wins a grant to study at Berklee!
Three Weeks at Jazzcatraz, Pt.I: Roman Stolyar tells the story of the first Open World Leadership U.S. trip for Russian jazz educators

#355, July 17, 2006
pictured: harmonica virtuoso Max Nekrasov, of St.Petersburg, warms up prior to perform at University of Louisville's Jazz Week (see Jazz Contact #2)
Featured: American Diary: Anna Filipyeva and Cyril Moshkow tell stories of their recent U.S. jazz trip -- Vision Festival in New York; The Stone; Kingston Jazz Festival etc
Tom Bellino: "Jazz Requires Passion" -- Kingston Jazz Festival producer interviewed
Jazz Steamboat in Moscow Floats for the 8th Time
Jazz Improvisation 2006: Vlinius, Lithuania, revives its trademark competition for young jazz pianists
Baby Sing: young vocalists contest in Panevezys, Lithhuania -- last call, all aboard!
Jazz journalist and producer Dmitry Ukhov at 60: congratulations!
Jazz Contact #2: Jamie Aebersold's Jazz Program director Michael Tracy tells story of the 2nd Open World Leadership group of Russian jazz musicians which spends two weeks in Louisville, CT

#354, June 30, 2006
pictured: Roy Haynes at Jazz Awards Ceremony in NYC
Featured: 14th Dusseldorfer Jazz Rally in Dusseldorf, Germany, as reviewed by Yuri "Deutsch" Grankin (continued)
Jazz Awards-2006 - and the winners are: Anna Filipyeva and Cyril Moshkow report from New York City

#353, June 15, 2006
pictured: Misha Tarasov, Berklee graduate, freshly graduated from Gnessins' Academy of Music in Moscow
Featured: 14th Dusseldorfer Jazz Rally in Dusseldorf, Germany, as reviewed by Yuri "Deutsch" Grankin
The Russian Jazz Graduates: Zinaida Kartasheva on the young musicians to graduate from Gnessins' Academy of Music Jazz Department and other prominent Muscovite jazz programs

Contact: Cyril Moshkow, Jazz.Ru editor

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